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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nuns - Demo 1977

The Nuns from San Francisco existed from 1976 to 1979 and in that time they only had two singles released. At the end of 1977 they recorded demos for CBS Records but did not get a record deal. They moved for a while to New York City in 1978 and after returning to San Francisco they split up. In 1980 a final single was released before some of the band members got back together to record an LP for the Posh Boy label. These two songs are some of the demos they recorded in 1977 with the original line up. This is from a radio broadcast.

track list: [from cassette tape]
01. World War 3
02. Confused + Talk Talk

Damned - the utopia bootlegs 1979

The Damned do dub. Three songs worth on these demos from the Machine Gun Etiquette era. Very interesting.

track list:
01. Creatures (Plan 9 Channel 7 Dub)
02. Suicide Dub
03. Noise Dub
04. Love Song
05. Suicide
06. Noise

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Leyton Buzzards - BBC In Concert 1979

Leyton Buzzards were from London and existed from 1977 to 1980. In that time they released 5 singles and an LP besides recording four John Peel Sessions. The first single 19 & Mad is a favorite of mine for its raw sound and teen anthem appeal. The rest of their output is soft in comparison but still enjoyable to listen to. This BBC live show features much rawer versions of songs from their album. This is a radio broadcast and the quality is excellent.

LP here: info here:
discography here:

01. intro
02. The Greatest Story Ever Told
03. Sweet Dreams Little One
04. I Don't Want To Go To Art School
05. Saturday Night Beneath The Plastic Palm Trees
06. No Dry Ice Or Flying Pigs
07. Last Tango In Leyton
08. 19 & Mad
09. I'm Hanging Around

Friday, October 29, 2010

(DC) Youth Brigade - Demos 1981 + Obanion's, Chicago 8-03-81

This Youth Brigade were from Washington DC and existed for only 10 months in 1981. Their singer was a member of the now legendary Teen Idles and the bass player was a former member of The Untouchables. In their short existence they manage to release one 8 song 7" ep and had three songs on the Flex Your Head compilation LP. The quality on everything is very good. The live show is from the soundboard but the vocals dominate the mix. Minor Threat also played this show. From cassette tape.

1st Demo 1981:
01. It's About Time We Had A Change
02. Last Word
03. Full Speed Ahead
04. Pay No Attention
05. Point Of View
06. Waste Of Time
07. Wrong Decision
08. Barbed Wire

2nd Demo 1981:
01. I Object
02. Full Speed Ahead
03. Last Word
04. Waste Of Time
05. Youth Brigade
06. Bouncer
07. Snow Job
08. Moral Majority

@ Obanion's, Chicago 8-03-81: [from cassette tape]
01. I Object
02. Point Of View
03. Full Speed Ahead
04. title unknown
05. Last Word
06. Waste Of Time
07. Youth Brigade
08. Pay No Attention
09. Snow Job
10. Wrong Decision
11. title unknown
12. Moral Majority
13. Barbed Wire
14. No Song 2

Halloween Songs

Here's a fun post. In USA it's Halloween and here are some songs to help celebrate this event.

track list:
01. 3-D Invisibles - Roll Over In Your Grave.mp3
02. 45 Grave - Evil.mp3
03. Art Attacks - Frankenstein's Heartbeat.mp3
04. Brigette Handley & The Dark Shadows - Sleeping With A Vampyre.mp3
05. Corpse Grinders - Frozen Alive (demo).mp3
06. Dead Kennedys - Halloween.mp3
07. Destroy All Monsters - Meet The Creeper.mp3
08. Electric Frankenstein - Coolest Little Monster.mp3
09. Forbidden Dimension - A Cold And Lonely.mp3
10. Freeze - Halloween Night.mp3
11. Revillos - Monster Man.mp3
12. Roky Erickson - Bloody Hammer.mp3
13. Serial Killers - Heidnik's House of Horrors.mp3
14. Sick Things - Sleeping With the Dead.mp3
15. Slaughter & The Dogs - Victims Of The Vampire.mp3
16. Stranglers - In The Shadows.mp3
17. Valves - Wolfman (Live).mp3
18. Vibrators - Wolfman Howl.mp3
19. Voodoo Church - Eyes (Second Death).mp3
20. Zombina & The Skeletones - The Grave... & Beyond!.mp3

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Unnatural Axe - Rat, Boston 5-18-79

Unnatural Axe were from Boston. They started in 1977 and existed until about 1980. In 1978 they released one four song ep in 1978 and also had one song on a compilation LP in 1979. Three of those five songs are played at this show plus a few others that were not released at the time. More info here:
single here:

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. title unknown
02. Summertime
03. Big Noise
04. Someone Told Me
05. Sex Substitute
06. Three Chord Rock
07. Media Blitz
08. They Saved Hitler's Brain
09. We're In The Youth Corps

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cracked Actor - Demo 1982

Chainsaw 'zine #6 (1982)
Cracked Actor were from Long Island New York and existed in 1981-1982. They released only one single and had one other song, Captain America, released on a cassette compilation title Ohmigod Hardcore on the Chainsaw tape label in 1983. All three of those songs appear on this demo (same versions) along with three other unreleased songs.

Single here:
Comp tape here:
And here:

Chainsaw 'zine #6 (1982)
track list:
01. Nazi School
02. Shake It
03. Judy In Disguise
04. I Feel Blue
05. Captain America
06. All Day Sucker

Killing Joke - The Grove, Oakville, Ontario, Canada 8-23-81

Her's a good live show by Killing Joke. It's an audience recording but still pretty good.

track list:
01. Wardance
02. Fall Of Because
03. Exit
04. Wait
05. Requiem
06. Unspeakable
07. Bloodsport
08. Change
09. Pssyche

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Guilty Razors - Paris Stadium 2-14-78

Found this show in my files while I was compiling the French list. Don't remember where I got it or how long I've had it but here it is. Can anyone fill in the song titles? It's recorded from the audience so it is very rough.

01. title unknown
02. title unknown
03. Provocate
04. title unknown
05. title unknown
06. title unknown

Fantasy 7 - Demos c.1992 (with Steve Jones)

In the early 1990s ex-Sex Pistols Steve Jones formed a new band called Fantasy 7. They played around Los Angeles for a couple years and recorded demos but never released anything. The line up was Steve Jones - Guitar, Mark McCoy - vocals, Todd Hoffman - bass, & Pete Kelly - drums.

01. Twisted
02. On And On
03. Hair Brain
04. Angelic Gorilla
05. TV Babies
06. America
07. Run
08. Spill My Blood
09. Nobody's Dog
10. Born Losers
11. Join The Professionals
12. Suck My Gun
13. Stanger In My Bed
14. Rock & Pop Radio Promo (1992)
15. Rock & Pop Radio Promo (1994)

Crucifucks - Demos and Live shows 1981-1984

Crucifucks is one of those bands people  either like or hate. I like them and they were my favorite band in the early 1980s. I think they definitely had a unique style which they invented and has not been copied either. The singer's very original vocal style and delivery is one thing that sets the band apart from the rest of the Punk by numbers bands that existed at the time. Their lyrics were serious and very political but fun and even funny in a way. In the way of best and memorable gig that I have seen the Washington DC 7-03-83 is in my top five. The sound quality on the demos is excellent. All the live shows are audience recordings but are all very listenable.

Demo 1981:
01. By The Door

Demo 1983:
01. Democracy Spawns Bad Taste
02. Go Bankrupt and Die
03. Legal Genocide
04. You Give Me The Creeps
05. Marching For Trash
06. Cops For Fertilizer
07. I Am The Establishment
08. Leave Me Alone
09. No One Can Make Me Play Along
10. Hinckley Had A Vision

@ Love Hall, Philadelphia PA 5-13-83
01. Similar Items
02. Democracy Spawns Bad Taste
03. You Give Me The Creeps
04. Marching For Trash
05. Go Bankrupt And Die
06. Legal Genocide
07. Death Salesman
08. Cops For Fertilizer
09. title unknown
10. I Am The Establishment
11. Official Terrorism
12. Hinckley Has A Vision

@ On The Mall, Washington DC 7-03-83
01. By The Door
02. Democracy Spawns Bad Taste
03. You Give Me The Creeps
04. Go Bankrupt And Die
05. Legal Genocide
06. I Am The Establishment
07. Death Salesman
08. Annual Report (instrumental)
09. Cops For Fertilizer
10. title unknown
11. Official Terrorism
12. Down On Our Knees
13. No One Can Make Me Play Along
14. Hinkley Had A Vision

@ Mad Garden, Phoenix AZ 1-14-84
01. I Was
02. Go Bankrupt And Die
03. You Give Me The Creeps
04. Marching For Trash
05. title unknown
06. Democracy Spawns Bad Taste
07. I Am The Establishment
08. Similar Items
09. Legal Genocide
10. Cops For Fertilizer
11. Official Terrorism
12. Down On My Knees
13. No One Can Make Me Play Along With This
14. By The Door
15. Hinckley Had A Vision

Monday, October 25, 2010

Damned - Bataclan Theatre, Paris 10-06-77

Here's a Damned show that is interesting for the fact that it is the first show in 1977 that they played without Rat Scabies. Dave Berk from the Johnny Moped band is playing in his place. Lu Edmund has also joined James, Vanian, Sensible by this time and they are playing 6 songs from the Music For Pleasure album in much rawer form than you'll find on that album. This is an audience recording.

01. You Take My Money
02. Fan Club
03. Creep (You Can't Fool Me)
04. Problem Child
05. Sick of Being Sick
06. Idiot Box
07. Help
08. Your Eyes
09. Fish
10. Stretcher Case
11. So Messed Up
12. New Rose
13. I Feel Alright

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crime - DNA Lounge, San Francisco 10-29-89

Here's a Crime live show from their first reunion period. The line up is Frankie Fix - Vocals, Ron The Ripper - Bass, Brittley Black - Drums, Jimmy Crucifix - Guitar and they play a set of mostly new songs. Can anyone give them titles? I taped this myself from the audience with a boombox.

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. Gangster Funk
02. Rockabilly Drugstore
03. title unknown
04. title unknown
05. Blast Off
06. title unknown
07. title unknown
08. Frustration
09. title unknown
10. Time Is On My Side

Radio Birdman - Le Stadium, Paris 5-02-78

Here's a recording of one of only three shows Radio Birdman did on the European continent during their final tour before splitting up. This was recorded from the audience but is very good quality. From cassette tape.

01. What Gives
02. New Race
03. Murder City Nights
04. Anglo Girl Desire
05. TPBR Combo
06. Aloha Steve And Danno
07. More Fun
08. California Sun
09. Man With The Golden Helmet
10. Breaks My Heart

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Penetration - Manchester 12-17-77 + Locarno, Bristol 4-24-79

Here are two Penetration shows by request of  Dave Sez at Know Your Conjurer blog. Both shows are audience recordings so are raw but still nice to listen to. Visit his blog here:

Manchester England 12-17-77
01). Duty Free Technology
02). Money Talks
03). Race Against Time
04). V.I.P.
05). Lovers of Outrage
06). Don't Dictate
07). Life's a Gamble
08). Free Money
09). Silent Community
10). In the Future
11). Firing Squad

Locarno, Bristol 4-24-79
01). Nostalgia
02). Danger Signs
03). Movement
04). Come Into the Open
05). Too Many Friends
06). Future Daze
07). Life's a Gamble
08). Last Saving Grace
09). Never Never
10). Vision
11). She Is the Slave
12). Stone Heroes
13). Free Money
14). Lovers of Outrage

Teen Fuck Explosion - Supervixens

Here's another band from Berlin Germany that I don't know much about. I downloaded these two songs from their website about 8 years ago. I'm not sure if they ever released anything and don't think they were around for very long. These two songs were recorded in their rehearsal space. Anyone have any information and more music from this band? I love these two songs!

Track List:
01. Supervixens
02. Spitfire

Also, for anyone interested, I used to find new bands and music here:
This is where I found Teen Fuck Explosion and The Heroines and much more.

Heroines - Rock 'n' Roll Boy

Here's a punk band from Germany c. 2002. I don't know much about them but I downloaded these three songs from their website 8 years ago and I think all these songs are on a 7" ep. Apparently, they have a CD out that sounds a little softer than these three songs but I am looking for it if anyone has it and can upload it for me. It seems they split in 2004 and some members formed the girl pop manga punk band Popzillas.

Heroines clips here:
and here:
Listen to CD here:
Popzillas info here: 
Popzillas video here:

Track List:
01. Rock 'n' Roll Boy
02. I Was Right
03. What I Want

Chords - Rainbow, London 1980

The Chords were one of the top Mod-Revival bands of the early 1980s. They started in 1978 and finished in 1981 and in that time released one album and seven single with limited success. This show was recorded when they were at the top of their game. It's from the sounboard and the quality is great. More info here:

01. Somethings Missing
02. Happy Families
03. It's No Use
04. Now It's Gone
05. I'm Not Sure
06. The British Way Of Life
07. So Far Away
08. I'll Keep On Holding On
09. Tumbling Down
10. Maybe Tomorrow
11. Breaks My Heart

Friday, October 22, 2010

Stranglers - Raven demos 1979

Hugh Cornwell is playing in my neighborhood this weekend so I thought I post some Stranglers stuff for the occasion.  Supposedly these are demos for the Raven album but they could be just different mixes. There's eight tracks from the album plus b-side. More info here:

Track List:
01. Longships
02. The Raven
03. Nuclear Device
04. Baroque Bordello
05. Shah Shah A Go Go
06. Ice
07. Meninblack
08. Genetix
09. Yellowcake UF6 Reverse
10. Social Secs

Eyes - Masque, Hollywood 1978

The Eyes were one of L.A.s early Punk bands and are probably most known for the fact that Charlotte Caffey, who made it big with the Go Gos, was an original member. This original line up only released one song on the What Records 7" ep sampler in 1978 ( One further studio track from this line up was released on the What? Stuff compilation CD in 1998 ( In 1996 a six song live set was released in the Live From The Masque vol. 3 CD. This live set features 4 of the songs that have been released plus a Sonny & Cher cover and five songs that haven't been heard anywhere else. The sound quality is very good but it is an audience recording. To see clips of a recent reunion show go here:

01. Little Girl From Hell
02. Don't Talk To Me
03. Go Go Bee
04. title unknown
05. Eniwetok
06. title unknown
07. title unknown
08. title unknown
09. I Got You Babe
10. Kill Your Parents

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Slits - Eric's, Liverpool 10-77 + Alexander Palace, London 6-15-80

The Slits singer Ari Up died today so I thought I put up these shows as tribute to her and the musical power of her band. The Eric's set shows the primitive beginnings of the band while the Alexander's Palace shows the growth they achieved as musicians over the three years. They show very different bands, actually. Both shows are recorded from the soundboard so generally very good quality.

Eric's Setlist:
01. Vindictive
02. Instant Hit
03. Vaseline
04. So Tough
05. New Town
06. Love And Romance
07. Femme Fatale
08. Shoplifting
09. No. 1 Enemy

Alexander Palace Setlist:
01. Instant Hit
02. I Heard It Through The Grapevine
03. Adventures Close To Home
04. Man Next Door
05. Walk About
06. Spend, Spend, Spend
07. Newtown
08. Animal Space - Spacier
09. In The Beginning There Was Rhythm
10. Man Next Door

Slits Ari Up dies

Zeros - KUOR, Redlands CA 5-27-78

Since the Zeros from Chula Vista California are playing my neighborhood next week I thought I'd celebrate by posting an old live show by them. This was recorded just before their second single was released and they play both songs from it as well as the hit song from the first single. All the other songs were not released until the 1990s. This is a radio broadcast but the person controlling the knobs had everything turned way up so there is distortion in the broadcast. It's still an enjoyable listen. So, enjoy.

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. Talkin'
02. Beat Your Heart Out
03. -interview segment-
04. Sneakin' Out
05. Out Of Place
06. Right Now
07. Wild Weekend
08. I Don't Wanna
09. Cosmetic Couple
10. Wimp
11. -interview segment-

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1978 John Peel Sessions

Here is a list of the Punk John Peel Sessions from 1978:

11 January          Crisis  [officially released]
18 January          Wire
23 January          Adam & The Ants  [officially released]
  1 February        Killjoys
  6 February        Siouxsie And The Banshees  [officially released]
  8 February        Patrik Fitzgerald
13 February       Wasps
14 February       Magazine  [officially released]
20 February       X-Ray Spex  [officially released]
27 February       Vibrators  [officially released]
  1 March            Wreckless Eric  [officially released]
15 March             Flys
20 March             Rich Kids
   3 April              White Cats
   5 April              Only Ones  [officially released]
10 April               Buzzcocks  [officially released]
17 April               Slits  [officially released]
18 April               Lurkers  [officially released]
19 April               Smirks
26 April               Crabs
  2 May                Boys  [officially released]
15 May                Boomtown Rats
16 May                Skids
17 May                Zones
23 May                U.K.Subs  [officially released]
30 May                Fall  [officially released]
31 May                Rezillos
  5 June               Gruppo Sportivo
  6 June               Hits [Sniveling Shits]  [officially released]
26 June               Chelsea  [officially released]
  3 July                Pop Group
  4 July                Desperate Bicycles
  5 July                Penetration
10 July                Adam & The Ants  [officially released]
11 July                King  [1/4 officially released]
12 July                Carpettes
19 July                Patrik Fitzgerald
24 July                Magazine  [officially released]
25 July                Lurkers  [officially released]
26 July                Leyton Buzzards
  1 August           Spizzoil
  2 August           Tanz Dar Youth
11 August           Prefects  [officially released]
16 August           White Cats
21 August           Adverts  [officially released]
22 August           Punishment Of Luxury
23 August           Pragvec
29 August           Skids
  4 September     Radio Stars
  6 September     U.K.Subs  [officially released]
12 September     Stiff Little Fingers  [officially released]
13 September     Zones
18 September     Motorhead  [officially released]
20 September     Wire
  1 October         Undertones  [officially released]
  2 October         Stoat
  3 October         John Cooper Clarke
  4 October         Molesters (ex-Vibrators)
18 October         Buzzcocks  [officially released]
24 October         Angelic Upstarts  [officially released]
25 October         999
  6 November     X-Ray Spex  [officially released]
14 November     Flys
27 November     Fall  [officially released]
29 November     Vic Godard  & Subway Sect [officially released]
  4 December     Cure [officially released]
13 December     Carpettes
18 December     Leyton Buzzards
19 December     Only Ones  [officially released]

Go here for complete 1978 Peel Sessions listing:

Anyone have Flys, Stoat, Leyton Buzzards, Stoat or Punishment of Luxury sessions? Let me know, I am looking for them.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

1977 John Peel Sessions

Here is a list of the Punk John Peel Sessions from 1977:

15 February        Eddie & The Hot Rods
  1 March            Stranglers  [officially released]
22 March            Motors
12 April              Generation X  [officially released]
25 April              Adverts  [officially released]
26 April              Jam  [officially released]
10 May               Damned  [officially released]
17 May               Radio Stars
13 June               Vibrators  [officially released]
21 June               Chelsea  [officially released]
  4 July                Models
12 July                Generation X  [officially released]
16 July                Cortinas [officially released]
19 July                Jam  [officially released]
26 July                Boomtown Rats
 3 August            Boys  [officially released]
23 August           Adverts  [officially released]
30 August           Stranglers  [officially released]
  7 September     Buzzcocks  [officially released]
12 September     Motors
13 September     Only Ones  [officially released]
19 September     Slits  [officially released]
25 September     Wreckless Eric  [officially released]
 3 October           New Hearts
10 October          Eddie & The Hot Rods
11 October          Killjoys
17 October          Vic Godard & Subway Sect  [officially released]
18 October          Lurkers  [officially released]
19 October          Skrewdriver
31 October          Rich Kids
 1 November       Tom Robinson Band
 7 November       Radio Stars
22 November      Suburban Studs
28 November      Sham 69
29 November      Siouxsie And The Banshees  [officially released]
30 November      Zeros
 5 December       Alternative TV  [officially released]
 6 December       Drones  [3/4 officially released]
12 December      Rezillos

The officially released ones should be easy enough to find so I'll only post the ones I have that have not (to my knowledge) been officially released.

Go here for complete list of 1977 Peel Sessions:

I used to have the Suburban Studs and Drones sessions but those have gone missing over the years. If anyone has the Eddie & The Hotrods, Radio Stars or New Hearts sessions let me know as I would like to get copies of them.

New Christs - Tivoli, Sydney 7-83

The singer of New Christs was Rob Younger whose previous band had been Radio Birdman.  They formed in 1980 released a single and then split.  But, in 1983 Rob Younger rounded up a new lineup in order that the New Christs could be the support group for Iggy Pop on his Australian tour.  This show is from one of those gigs but as you'll hear in the stage announcements Iggy had to cancel this gig. The line up is Chris Masuak – guitar, Mark Kingsmill – drums, Tony Robertson – bass, Kent Steedman – guitar. This was recorded from the audience but is very good quality. From cassette tape.

01. Sun God
02. Gotta Keep Movin' [MC5]
03. Born Out Of Time
04. The Hipster
05. -stage announcements-
06. Did You No Wrong [Sex Pistols]
07. Outcast
08. Creature With The Atom Brain [Roky Erickson]
09. Louie Louie [Richard Berry]
10. Addiction
11. Search And Destroy [Stooges]
12. T.V. Eye [Stooges]
13. Smith And Wesson Blues [Radio Birdman]

Victims - Perth Australia 1978

These Victims were from Perth Australia and released one classic single in 1977 and one ep in 1978 before splitting in 1979. This live recording features both songs from the first single and a pile of cover songs. The recording is from the audience so the sound quality is rough and raw but surely worth a listen.

01 Chinese Rocks [Johnny Thunders]
02 Chinese Rocks [Johnny Thunders]
03 Out Of My Head
04 I'm Looking For You
05 Television Addict
06 New Society
07 Elvis Is Dead
08 Helter Skelter [Beatles]
09 I Feel Alright [Stooges]
10 Pretty Vacant [Sex Pistols]+ (I'm) Flipped Out Over You
11 I Wanna Be A Monster
12 Dooeayh
13 What The Hell Is New Wave + Disco Junkie

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wild Youth - Single (1979)

F.D.G.O. #2 (1984; Germany)
Punk Rock from South Africa. Wild Youth were the first Punk band in Durban and existed from 1978 to 1980. In that time they released one single and had two songs on a compilation LP. The drummer was later in the band Powerage. Included here are the single, comp tracks and a live soundboard show. More info here:

Single (1979):
01. What about Me
02. Radio Youth

from V.A. Six Of The Best (1979):
01. All Messed Uo
02. Record Companies

Live in South Africa (1979):
01. Radio Youth
02. I Wanna Be Your Dog [Stooges]
03. Action Man
04. Marco Pogo + Billy Idol
05. Record Companies + Problems [Sex Pistols]
06. Maximum Speed

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pure Hell on WFMU

For anyone who likes the band Pure Hell they played live on The Cherry Blossom Clinic on October 16th. Go here to listen:

Radio Birdman - Double Jay Studio, Sydney, 3-76

This one is by request. Here's a great radio broadcast of Radio Birdman from March 1976. The set includes a few original songs as well as covers of MC5, Blue Oyster Cult, Rivieras, Stooges, and Doors. Sound quality is very good.

01. Burn My Eye
02. Sister Anne [MC5]
03. I-94
04. Snake
05. Dominance & Submission [Blue Oyster Cult]
06. Descent Into The Maelstrom
07. Death By The Gun
08. California Sun [Rivieras]
09. 1970 [Stooges]
10. Smith & Wesson Blues
11. L.A. Woman [Doors]
12. Do The Pop
13. Me 262 [Blue Oyster Cult]

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Vex - Demo, 12" ep + Live shows

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Vex were from London and were apart of the Anarcho-Punk scene in the early 1980s. Their music was more influenced, though, by Killing Joke than Crass. They released one 12" ep on the fightback label in 1985 and had one song on the We don't Want Your fucking Law compilation LP (available here: which was also released on fightback in 1985. That song, rushing to Hide, is available here as a bonus on the 12" ep. The demo and the live shows all have unreleased tracks. Both live shows are very good audience recordings with the Electric Ballroom show being the better of the two.

Demo 1983:
01. It's No Crime
02. Pain
03. Pressure

Sanctuary ep  1985:
01. Sanctuary
02. It's No Crime
03. World In Action
04. Relative Sadness
05. Rushing to Hide [bonus]

Norwich England 7-22-83:
01. Pain
02. Passion
03. Sanctuary
04. title unknown
05. World In Action
06. 20th Century Boy [T-Rex]

Electric Ballroom, London 3-03-84:
01. Pain
02. Shadow Of Beauty
03. World In Action
04. Pressure
05. Relative Sadness
06. It's No Crime

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Johnny Moped - Roxy, London 4-02-77

This show was recorded as part of the legendary The Roxy, London WC2 compilation album at the place where the Punk Rock thing found a permanent home for a while which really helped to get things rolling. Track 18 here is the version that appears on that album and the in-between song banter heard on the album before the song can be heard in context within the second set. This was recorded through the soundboard and is great sound quality. Gotta wonder why this whole show has never been released before especially when a couple (Buzzcocks, X Ray Spex, Adverts (?))other recordings from the same show have been.

set one
01. Groovy Ruby
02. Wild Breed
03. Little Queenie
04. Hell Razor
05. 3D Time
06. Incendiary Device
07. Something Else
08. No One
09. Hard Lovin' Man

set two
10. Groovy Ruby
11. Wild Breed
12. Little Queenie
13. Hell Razor
14. 3D Time
15. Incendiary Device
16. Something Else
17. No One
18. Hard Lovin' Man

Eater - London 1977

From the halcyon days of 1977, Eater give us a nice set of classics including the rare songs Typewriter Babes, which only appeared on The Label So Far comp LP, and She's Wearing Green, which wasn't released until 1993 on the Compleat Eater CD on the Anagram label. This is a rough audience recording.

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. You
02. Space Dreamin'
03. No More (Bedroom Fits)
04. Typewriter Babes
05. Thinking Of The USA
06. She's Wearing Green
07. I Don't Need It

Modern Eon - John Peel Session 2-05-81

Here's my favorite Post-Punk band playing a peel session. Modern Eon were from Liverpool and released a few singles and one album before packing it in. More info here:

Track List:
01. Real Hymn
02. Grass Still Grows
03. High Noon
04. Mechanic

Pointed Sticks - K97 FM, Edmonton Canada 1980

Here's a radio concert from Canada's Pointed Sticks by request. Can anyone put a title on track 9?

01. The Witch
02. Marching Song
03. Life
04. True Love
05. When She's Alone
06. New Ways
07. Care Less
08. Born To Cry
09. My Little Red Book
10. I Can't Wait
11. I'm Numb
12. What Do You Want Me To Do?
13. Worse
14. Real Thing
15. Out Of Luck
16. Shape Of Things To Come
17. Nothing Else To Do
18. The American Song

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Siouxsie & The Banshees - Roxy, London 4-24-77

Here's an early Siouxsie & The Banshees show recorded at the famous Roxy Club in London. This show is a little special because its got Pete Fenton playing guitar along with Siouxsie and Steve Severin on bass and Kenny Morris on Drums, and the unreleased song Scrapheap is played. It's an audience recording so it is a bit raw but isn't that Punk. From cassette tape.

01. Captain Scarlet
02. Scrapheap
03. Psychic
04. 20th Century Boy
05. Bad Shape
06. Love In A Void
07. The Lord's Prayer

Adverts - Demos 1977+1978

By request here are some Adverts demos. The songs on the 1978 demo are my favorite versions - better than the album and Peel versions. From cassette tape.

Demo 1977
01. One Chord Wonders
02. New Boys
03. Quickstep
04. We Who Wait
05. Bored Teenagers

Demo 1978
01. Fate Of Criminals
02. Television's Over
03. Love Songs
04. I Surrender

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Johnny Moped - Roundhouse, London 2-02-78

Here's another Johnny Moped show. This one from early 1978 sees them playing 4 songs that were not a part of their album. Two songs are from the Slimey Toad solo single and the two others were not released at the time. This version of Musical Bore is played much faster, meaner and rawer that the one that's been released on The Bootleg Tapes CD a few years ago. This is a rough audience recording but worth the listen just for the 4 rare songs.

Slimey Toad single here:

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. V.D. Boiler
02. Wee Wee
03. Little Queenie [Chuck Berry]
04. Make Trouble
05. Panic Button
06. Baby Seals
07. Musical Bore
08. Loony
09. Controversial
10. Something Else [Eddie Cochran]
11. Darling, Let's Have Another Baby
12. No One

Tanz Der Youth - Music Machine + Peel Session 1978

Tanz Der Youth was the first post-Damned band Brian James formed. They didn't stick around very long - only long enough to release one single and record a Peel Session. Beside James, the band also consisted of Andy Colquhoun on Bass who was previously in Warsaw Pakt and Alan Powell on Drums who was once a member of Hawkwind. The sound is a bit different than the Damned but not really too far away to not give it a listen.

info here: here:

John Peel Session 8-09-78
01. I'm Sorry
02. Why I Die
03. Mistaken
04. Delay

@ Music Machine, London 8-10-78
01. Intro
02. Blue Lights Flashing
03. Why I Die
04. Top Of The World
05. Delay
06. Torture Time
07. I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry
08. Neat Neat Neat
09. A Little Older
10. Polka Dot Shot
11. Mistaken
12. New Rose
13. I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry

Monday, October 11, 2010

Slaughter & The Dogs - Marquee, London 12-10-79

Here's another live set by Slaughter & The Dogs recorded at the Marquee in London at the end of 1979. This one is from the same tour that brought us the Live At The Factory album with exactly the same setlist minus the Groucho Marx intro. It is an audience recording but is still very good quality.

01. Now I Know
02. The Bitch
03. Hell In New York
04. Runaway
05. Who Are The Mystery Girls [New York Dolls]
06. What's Wrong Boy
07. You're Ready Now [Frankie Valli]
08. I'm Mad
09. Johnny T
10. Boston Babies
11. All Over Now
12. Where Have All The Bootboys Gone
13. Cranked Up Really High

Eye Protection - Single (1979)

Here's a single that doesn't seem to show up in blogland too often. It's a great single, and the only one, by this San Francisco band who played around for just a couple years. The a-side is a very energetic song and is the winner here. They play a new wave style with piano and horns but this song has the right amount of everything that makes it a great and fun song to listen to. The singer is Andy Prieboy who joined Wall Of Voodoo in 1983 and had a few hit songs with them.

info here:
and here:

Track List:
01. Elroy Jetson
02. Go Go Girl

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rubella Ballet - John Peel Session 1-26-83

Rubella Ballet recorded two Peel Sessions in 1982 and 1983. Here is the second one. The Peel Session page says they played 4 songs but I have these 5 songs and the unlisted songs are versions I've never heard anywhere else so maybe they are from the Peel Session.

Track List:
01. Love Life
02. Newz
03. Exit
04. Death Train
05. Trial 13

Clash - Cut The Crap live 1984-1985

After The Clash gave Mick Jones the boot they announced they were going to turn back and rediscover their Punk roots. With a new line up new songs were written and many shows were played. Eventually a new album was recorded and released. This album was called Cut The Crap and it turned out to be a big pile of crap. Many wondered what happened to their supposed return to their punk roots. Over the years I've collected live recordings from that period just to hear if the songs played live were as uninteresting as they were on the album. Surprisingly, the songs were actually good and did sound like the return to the roots as promised. For my own listening pleasure I put together live versions of all the songs from Cut The Crap that I could find onto one CD to get an idea of what that last album was supposed to sound like.  The quality of these recordings is very good audience recordings, so a little rough and raw. Well worth the listen I think.

01). Dictator
02). Dirty Punk
03). We Are The Clash
04). Are You Red...Y?
05). Cool Under Heat
06). Movers And Shakers
07). This Is England
08). Three Card Trick
09). North & South
10). Sex Mad Roar
11). Ammunition [bonus]

Ivy Green - Club LVC, Leiden Holland 1987

Ivy Green were one of the first Punk bands in the Netherlands and released one classic album in 1978 before disappearing. They returned in 1982 with a horn section and a slightly different sound that was much more influenced by the later Saints. This show captures them live 10 years after the original Punk explosion but still playing a few of their early songs. This is a good quality soundboard recording.

Discography here:

01. Wap Shoo Wap (I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It)
02. All On The Beat
03. Rainy Day
04. On A Different Track
05. Maggie
06. Moon Raised
07. Slide Machine
08. Falling In Love (With Myself)
09. title unknown
10. title unknown
11. Please Please Please
12. Sex On The Radio
13. Dancing The Nerves
14. Go On
15. (I Lost) The Sound Of My Heart

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Slaughter & The Dogs - Huddersfield England 1980

Everyone probably knows the story about Slaughter & The Dogs by now. They recorded some classic singles and one album between 1977 and 1979. After losing original singer Wayne Barret they brought in Eddie Garrity (aka Ed Banger) formerly of The Nosebleeds to fill the vacancy and released another album and a couple singles, which I think are great. This show features Eddie Garrity singing along with Mick Rossi on guitar, Howard Bates on bass and Phil Rowland on drums. The set features many old classics along with a few songs that were new at the time and ended up on the second album.This is an audience recording and the quality is a bit rough but still listenable.

Ed Banger interview here:

01. Cranked Up Really High
02. I'm The One
03. Hell In New York
04. The Bitch
05. Who Are The Mystery Girls [New York Dolls]
06. You're Ready Now [Frankie Valli]
07. It's In The Mind
08. You're A Bore
09. I'm Mad
10. Johnny T
11. Twist And Turn
12. Runaway
13. Victim Of The Vampire
14. Boston Babies
15. Where Have All The Bootboys Gone

Crucial Truth - Demo 1981

Here is a demo recorded in 1981 by Crucial truth from New York City who only left us with one 4-song ep released in 1982. One song from this demo is on that ep.

info here:
EP here:

 Track List:
01. Agent Orange
02. White Power Man
03. title unknown

Friday, October 8, 2010

Cuddly Toys - Moonlight Club, London 3-31-80

Some Post-Punk maybe? The Cuddly Toys were formerly the Punk band The Raped who released two classic singles in 1978. This live set captures the band playing an energetic set of half covers and half originals including the songs from their first two singles. Covers of David Bowie/Marc Bolan, Move, Supremes, Brian Eno, Stooges and they end the set with the classic Raped song Normal.

info here:
and here:
1st album here:
Faebhean Kwest interview here:

01). Sound Of The Siren
02). Wolf
03). Madman
04). It Wasn't My Idea To Dance
05). Astral Joe
06). Bring On The Ravers
07). Join The Girls
08). Holocaust
09). You Keep Me Hanging On
10). Baby's On Fire
11). Dirt
12). Normal

Cortinas - Plymouth England 1977 + Peel Session 7-26-77

The Cortinas were the first Punk band from Bristol England starting in 1976. Over two years they released two classic Punk singles and one rather weak album that showed them taking a different direction. Until recently not many could no or imagine what their first album would have sounded like had they recorded all their Punk songs. But recently this live show surfaced to give us a taste of what could have been. The four songs from the singles are played plus two others they recorded for a Peel session and the other remain unreleased. Also included in this post is the Peel Session.

more info here:
and here:

Live at Plymouth 1977
01. Defiant Pose
02. Tired Of Compromise
03. They
04. We're Gonna Play In The Subway Today
05. Further Education
06. Fascist Dictator
07. Tokyo Joe
08. Gloria
09. Gonna Get Mary In The Bus Shelter
10. Have It With You
11. Television Families
12. Have It With You
13. Slow Down

John Peel Session 7-26-77
01. Defiant Pose
02. Television Families
03. Having It
04. Further Education

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Controllers - The Scene Bar, Glendale CA 6-22-07

In 1978-1979 The Controllers released two singles and had 3 songs on a compilation for a total of 8 songs. Every song a masterpiece. Six of those songs are on this 2007 reunion show. Some of these songs were recorded for a CD by Kid Spike's Skull Control in the 1990s. Can't help but think this set would have even better with the inclusion of the songs Slow Boy, Another Day and Top Secret in place of White Trash Christ and Nuke Beach.

01. Neutron Bomb
02. Jezebel [Frankie Laine]
03. Your World
04. Hot Stumps
05. Suburban Suicide
06. White Trash Christ
07. Electric Church
08. She's Not In Love
09. Do The Uganda
10. Nuke Beach
11. Killer Queers
12. These Boots Were Made For Walking [Nancy Sinatra]

Anthrax - Moonlight Club, London c. 1981

Here's a nice live soundboard recording from the UK Anarcho band.
info here:
and here:
and here:

01. All The Wars
02. It Will Be Alright On The Night
03. Exploitation
04. P.P.B
05. Introduction To War
06. Vivisection
07. Capitalism Is Cannibalism
08. Prime To Pension
09. They've Got It All Wrong
10. Violence Is Violence

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hugh Cornwell - Harmonie, Bonn Germany 3-23-07

If you are like me, you are a fan of the Stranglers and have been for a long time. I've always wondered what stranglers songs would sound like without those keyboards. Hugh Cornwell was the singer/guitarist in the Stranglers from 1974-1990 after which he went on to a solo career. In the last few years he's been playing Stranglers songs in his live gigs. This show lets us hear some Stranglers songs without those keyboards and they sound great.

01. Nice N' Sleazy
02. Picked Up By The Wind
03. Hanging Around
04. Bearcage
05. Black Hair Black Eyes Black Suit
06. Always The Sun
07. Nerves Of Steel
08. Walk On By
09. No More Heroes
10. Peaches
11. Down In The Sewer

Hüsker Dü - Demos & outtakes 1979-1980

Here's a stack of demos recorded by Hüsker Dü before they made a record and some outtakes from their first ep session. Some of the demo songs ended up on their Land Speed Record album and some have never been released. From cassette tape.

Bill Bruce demos 5-79
01. Nuclear Nightmare
02. Do The Bee
03. Uncle Ron
04. Don't Try To Call
05. Sex Dolls
06. MTC

Colin Mansfield demo 1979
01. All Tensed Up
02. Writer's Cramp
03. All I Got To Lose Is You

Northern Lights demos 1979
01. Picture Of You
02. Can't See You Anymore
03. The Truth Hurts
04. Do You Remember
05. Sore Eyes

Statues ep outtakes 8-80
01. Writer's Cramp
 02. Let's Go Die

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chatterbox - Village, Stockholm 6-06-80

Chatterbox were from Sweden and had one former member from Pain. Their original singer had been the girl who sang for the Raw Records band Sick Things in England. They released one classic single in 1980 with her singing before leaving the band. This live recording was made after she was out.

1st Single here:
LP info here: singer info here:

01. Slutet for dig
02. Sista chansen
03. It's All In Your Eyes
04. Death Of A Young Soldier
05. Illusioner
06. The End

Skrewz - KUOR, Redlands CA 12-06-79

Here's a Los Angeles band I don't know much about. They did get mentioned enough in Flipside magazine back in the day but never made a record. This live show has been in circulation for year though. Apparently they are playing around again.

info here:

01. Free The Enemy
02. Boredom
03. Mixed Emotions
04. Wait
05. Stab Her In The Back
06. Too Many
07. Get Out Of My Way
08. Anti Fashion
09. Kill The Nips
10. Politics
11. Wipe Out
12. Messed Up
13. Valery Is Dead
14. Destroy
15. Kindergarten Mess Up
16. Free The Enemy (reprise)
17. Outro

Monday, October 4, 2010

Motors - John Peel Session 9-12-77

The Motors were a high energy pub rock band from England in the mid 1970s who released a few albums and mixed it up with the Punk scene. Here is the second Peel Session they recorded in 1977. My copy is missing the best track, though. Anyone have it? More info here:

01. Phoney Heaven [missing this track]
02. Freeze
03. You Beat The Hell Out Of Me
04. Dancing The Night Away

Exile In The Kingdom - Demo 1984

Exile In The Kingdom were from Drogheda Ireland and existed from 1981 to about 1985. They released one single in 1984 and one song from the single was included on the RIOR cassette compilation release World Class Punk before disappearing. But, they did record some demos and someone was kind enough to post a video they made using one of those songs on Youtube. I took the sound off that video so I could listen to it endlessly without having to turn on the computer because it is a great song.

more info here:
Video here:

Demo (1984):
01. Stay High Stay Low

Single (1984):
01. Freedom
02. Total Disorder

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Neon Hearts - Look Here TV Show 1979

Neon Hearts were Wolverhampton England's first punk band.  Previously the sax player was a member of the Suburban Studs and the bass player was a future member of Killing Joke.In their time they released two singles and an album plus recorded a Peel Session. Here's two live songs from a television show in 1979 that I pulled the sound off of. I believe the song Synchronization is unreleased.
More info here:

Videos here:

01. Popular Music
02. Synchronization

Hammer Damage - Coffee Brake Concert, WMMS, Cleveland 1979

Hammer Damage formed in 1978 when two members left the Rubber City Rebels when that band decided to move to Los Angeles. They played around until 1984 and released two single and had one song on the Bowling Balls From Hell 2 compilation album. Here's a live radio broadcast that catches them just before their first single was released in 1979.

More info here:
And here:

01. Automatic Lips
02. She Takes Good Care
03. Bluer Then Blue
04. -interview-
05. Little Miss Missery
06. 4/4 Time
07. Herman
08. -interview-
09. Night People
10. Swingin A Go Go
11. Rub Her
12. -interview-
13. Laugh
14. Noise Pollution
15. Love Me Two Times
16. -interview-
17. Pipeline + Nat Girl
18. Nervis
19. Someone's Gonne Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight
20. Home Of The Buzzard

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Naked - Feltham Football Club, Feltham England 7-29-83

Naked were my favorite band of all the ones that appeared on any of the Bullshit Detector compilation albums on Crass Records. Besides that one fantastic they also released an ep on Bluurg Records in 1983 and that was it. Some demos and lives shows were in circulation at that time that showe3d the band had many great song for a full album. Unfortunately, they never got as far as releasing another record. It was only in 2007 that a full length CD was released with the ep, comp track and unreleased demos. But, still there are plenty of other unreleased songs. Soundboard recording.

More info here:

01. One Step Forward
02. Policeman
03. Rabid Feeling
04. Die Blind
05. Alien
06. Suicidal State
07. Pressure
08. Smile
09. Can't Win
10. Simplicity Pays!
11. Frightened
12. Mid 1930's (Pre-war Germany)
13. Good Old Boy
14. Do You Wanna Dance

Mollesters - Het, Den Haag 1978

The Mollesters were from Den Haag Netherlands and released one classic KBD single in 1978 before disappearing. Luckily someone recorded one of their gigs for posterity. A web search doesn't bring up very much information for the band but I did find a blog post that mentioned these unreleased song titles: tarantula, sexless, paranoia, stupid cop, germs. If anyone wants to have a go at matching song titles to songs please do and let me know what you got. I tried to but wasn't able to match anything. The recording is from the audience and is a  bit rough in quality but certainly listenable. Single and song titles comment here:

01. title unknown
02. title unknown
03. title unknown
04. title unknown
05. title unknown
06. title unknown
07. title unknown
08. title unknown
09. title unknown
10. title unknown
11. title unknown
12. title unknown
13. title unknown

Friday, October 1, 2010

V.A. Northern Exposure (Just The Songs)

For those of you who loved both volumes of Bloodstains Across Northern Ireland, here is a special treat. A few years ago I got in trade a three CD-R set called Northern Exposure that had live, demos and interviews with some of the bands from Northern Ireland of the late1970s. There were many great unreleased songs on it and for my own listening pleasure I transferred all the songs onto one CD-R so I could have a steady, dynamite listening hour. A few of these tracks are from the film Shellshock Rock, others are unreleased demos and some live recordings of various qualities. More info here:

Track List:
01. Rudi - Ripped In Two (live 1978)
02. Rudi - Fill Your Balls With Alcohol (live 1978)
03. Rudi - Who Are You_ (Something Else TV Show, UK, 1979)
04. Rudi - Big Time (live 1979)
05. Protex - Don't Ring Me Up (demo 1979)
06. Protex - Strange Obsession (live at Glenmachen Hotel 1-79)
07. Protex - Don't Ring Me Up (Hurrah's, NYC 1980)
08. Protex - Place In Your Heart (Hurrah's, NYC 1980)
09. Outcasts - Self Conscious Over You (Live 1980)
10. Outcasts - You're A Disease (Live 1980)
11. Outcasts - The Cops Are Coming (Live 1980)
12. Outcasts - Just Another Teenage Rebel (Live 1980)
13. Outcasts - Mania (Live in France 1982)
14. Victim - Trademark World (live at the Harp Bar, Belfast 11.23.78)
15. Ex Producers - New Wave '79 (live 1979)
16. Ruefrex - Perfect Crime (Demo 1979)
17. P45 - Teenage Love Song (live 1979)
18. Idiots - Teenager In Love (recorded at Wizard Studios 4-79)
19. Electro-Motive Force - BBC/UTV (demo 1980)
20. Electro-Motive Force - College Boy (demo 1980)
21. Parasites - Society (live 1978)
22. Rhesus Negative - Lies In Vain (live at the Harp Bar 11.23.78)
23. Pretty Boy Floyd - Rough, Tough, Pretty Too (live 1978)
24. Stage B - The Viper (Demo 1980)
25. Stage B - Numbers (Demo 1980)
26. Stage B - Lizzy Borden (Demo 1980)
27. Stage B - Self Portrait (Demo 1980)

Jimmy Norton's Explosion - John Peel Session 7-30-79

Today's post is another officially unreleased Peel session. This time from a sort of Punk Rock supergroup. The band featured Glen Matlock (Bass, Lead Vocals) fresh out of the Rich Kids and formerly of The Sex Pistols, Danny Kustow (Guitar, Backing Vocals) from Tom Robinson Band and Budgie (Drums) from Siouxsie & The Banshees and formerly of Spitfire Boys and Slits. Of these four songs Ambition and Just Like Lazarus were recorded by The Rich Kids in 1978 but remained unreleased until 1998 when they were released on the Burning Sounds CD, Ambition was also recorded by Iggy Pop when Glen played with him. This band changed their name in 1980 to Spectres and released two single, the first one featured a weaker version of Getting Away With Murder. The fourth song remains unreleased in any version.

Spectres info:
Spectres singles:
Rich Kids discog:

track List: [from cassette tape]
01. Getting Away With Murder
02. Just Like Lazarus
03. Ambition
04. Lost In A Landslide