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Friday, November 5, 2010

Simple Minds/Johnny & The Self Abusers - Live + Demos

Johnny & The Self Abusers were from Glasgow Scotland and released one now classic single on the Chiswick label at the end of August 1977. By the time that single was released they decided to change their name to Simple Minds. Johnny & The Self Abusers only played a handful of gigs before the name change. In November 1977 they (as Simple Minds) recorded seven tracks from their Self Abusers set that only briefly saw the light of day on a 1998 CD which was withdrawn soon after release. After these recordings some members split off and formed The Cuban Heels. The rest of the Simple Minds carried on with additional members and a change in sound. In this 1979 live show they still play a few songs from their Johnny & The Self Abusers days. Excellent quality all around.

Johnny & The Self Abusers info here:
Early Years info here:
Scottish Punk time line here:

The Early Years (1977-1978):
01. Johnny & The Self-Abusers - 18-18
02. Johnny & The Self-Abusers - Tonight
03. Johnny & The Self-Abusers - Little Bitch
04. Johnny & The Self-Abusers - Pablo Picasso
05. Johnny & The Self-Abusers - Subway Sex
06. Johnny & The Self-Abusers - Lies
07. Johnny & The Self-Abusers - Wasteland
08. Simple Minds - Act Of Love
09. Simple Minds - European Son
10. Simple Minds - Cocteau Twins
11. Simple Minds - Chelsea Girl
12. Simple Minds - Did You Ever
13. Simple Minds - Pleasantly Disturbed

@ Forde Green Hotel, Leeds England 7-29-79
01. Scar
02. Here Comes the Fool
03. Life in a Day
04. Destiny
05. Wasteland
06. Kaleidoscope
07. Calling Your Name
08. Chelsea Girl
09. Pleasantly Disturbed
10. Murder Story
11. White Light White Heat
12. Someone
13. Pablo Picasso