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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Neon Hearts - Look Here TV Show 1979

Neon Hearts were Wolverhampton England's first punk band.  Previously the sax player was a member of the Suburban Studs and the bass player was a future member of Killing Joke.In their time they released two singles and an album plus recorded a Peel Session. Here's two live songs from a television show in 1979 that I pulled the sound off of. I believe the song Synchronization is unreleased.
More info here:

Videos here:

01. Popular Music
02. Synchronization

Hammer Damage - Coffee Brake Concert, WMMS, Cleveland 1979

Hammer Damage formed in 1978 when two members left the Rubber City Rebels when that band decided to move to Los Angeles. They played around until 1984 and released two single and had one song on the Bowling Balls From Hell 2 compilation album. Here's a live radio broadcast that catches them just before their first single was released in 1979.

More info here:
And here:

01. Automatic Lips
02. She Takes Good Care
03. Bluer Then Blue
04. -interview-
05. Little Miss Missery
06. 4/4 Time
07. Herman
08. -interview-
09. Night People
10. Swingin A Go Go
11. Rub Her
12. -interview-
13. Laugh
14. Noise Pollution
15. Love Me Two Times
16. -interview-
17. Pipeline + Nat Girl
18. Nervis
19. Someone's Gonne Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight
20. Home Of The Buzzard