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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Johnny Moped - Roxy, London 4-02-77

This show was recorded as part of the legendary The Roxy, London WC2 compilation album at the place where the Punk Rock thing found a permanent home for a while which really helped to get things rolling. Track 18 here is the version that appears on that album and the in-between song banter heard on the album before the song can be heard in context within the second set. This was recorded through the soundboard and is great sound quality. Gotta wonder why this whole show has never been released before especially when a couple (Buzzcocks, X Ray Spex, Adverts (?))other recordings from the same show have been.

set one
01. Groovy Ruby
02. Wild Breed
03. Little Queenie
04. Hell Razor
05. 3D Time
06. Incendiary Device
07. Something Else
08. No One
09. Hard Lovin' Man

set two
10. Groovy Ruby
11. Wild Breed
12. Little Queenie
13. Hell Razor
14. 3D Time
15. Incendiary Device
16. Something Else
17. No One
18. Hard Lovin' Man

Eater - London 1977

From the halcyon days of 1977, Eater give us a nice set of classics including the rare songs Typewriter Babes, which only appeared on The Label So Far comp LP, and She's Wearing Green, which wasn't released until 1993 on the Compleat Eater CD on the Anagram label. This is a rough audience recording.

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. You
02. Space Dreamin'
03. No More (Bedroom Fits)
04. Typewriter Babes
05. Thinking Of The USA
06. She's Wearing Green
07. I Don't Need It

Modern Eon - John Peel Session 2-05-81

Here's my favorite Post-Punk band playing a peel session. Modern Eon were from Liverpool and released a few singles and one album before packing it in. More info here:

Track List:
01. Real Hymn
02. Grass Still Grows
03. High Noon
04. Mechanic

Pointed Sticks - K97 FM, Edmonton Canada 1980

Here's a radio concert from Canada's Pointed Sticks by request. Can anyone put a title on track 9?

01. The Witch
02. Marching Song
03. Life
04. True Love
05. When She's Alone
06. New Ways
07. Care Less
08. Born To Cry
09. My Little Red Book
10. I Can't Wait
11. I'm Numb
12. What Do You Want Me To Do?
13. Worse
14. Real Thing
15. Out Of Luck
16. Shape Of Things To Come
17. Nothing Else To Do
18. The American Song