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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Damneddeadsham band - Claredon Hotel, London 10-06-81

What do Dead Boys, Damned and Sham 69 have in common besides being Punk bands? A member from each of those bands got together in 1981 and formed Lords Of The New Church. However, while they were in there embryonic phase they played this gig as the Damneddeadsham band playing songs from each of their former bands plus a few cover. It's recorded from the audience and is a rough recording but I don't think you'll hear Brian James play Sonic Reducer or Stiv Bators sing Borstal Breakout anywhere else.

01. intro
02. Sonic Reducer [Dead Boys]
03. Borstal Breakout [Sham 69]
04. Neat Neat Neat [Damned]
05. Get It On [T-Rex]
06. Sick of Being Sick [Damned]
07. I Had Too Much To Dream [Electric Prunes]
08. Pills [Bo Diddley]
09. Ain't Nothing To Do [Dead Boys]
10. New Rose [Damned]
11. If The Kids Are United [Sham 69]
12. Sonic Reducer [Dead Boys]