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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Damned - Captain's demos + Strawberries demos

 More Damned demos by request. This time we have some of the Captain's demos from the years c.1978 to 1982 - Machine Gun Etiquette to Strawberries. There are a few interesting unreleased tracks and some untitled instrumentals that don't seem to have been used for anything. The quality is good on everything.

Captain's demos volume 1
01. Smash It Up pt1
02. Smash It Up pt2 (Sensible vocals)
03. Smash It Up pt3
05. Smash It Up (different lyrics - Sensible vocals)
06. Just Can't Be Happy Today
07. Lively Arts (Sensible vocals)
08. Curtain Call (instrumental)
09. History of The World (instrumental)
10. Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde (Sensible vocals)
11. Lovely Money (Sensible vocals)
12. Ignite (Vanian's vocal session)
13. I Think I'm Wonderful
14. Gun Fury (Sensible vocals)
15. untitled
16. 'Those Crazy Guys'
17. Life Goes On
19. Dozen Girls (instrumental)
20. untitled
21. untitled

Strawberries demos (1981)
01. Bad Time For Bonzo
02. instrumental (demo 1)
03. instrumental (demo 2)
04. instrumental
05. Where Have All The Adventures Gone
06. The Dog
07. Dozen Girls (demo #2)