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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mudd Helmüt - Demos 1988

Mudd Helmüt were from Richmond Virginia and were around from the late 1980s to 1992. They never released any records but they did record some demos. If you like Stooges, Alice Cooper and Misfits you might like this.  Sound quality is very good.

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track list:
01. 12oz (Closer To God)
02. Wired
03. 5 Stories High
04. The Law
05. You Won't Be Here Tomorrow
06. Muddy's Boys
07. Ripped By Jack
08. Fed Up
09. Sperm Bank Donor
10. Suck My Dick
11. Under My Wheels [Alice Cooper]
12. Little Devil
13. Between The Lines
14. Give Me Sensation
15. Nut House
16. Something's Gotta Give
17. The American Bison

"Forgotten Philadelphia: The Punk-Centric Better Youth Organization" (1982)

Here's an interesting article about Hardcore Punk in Philadelphia c. 1982.