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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dicks - Cathay De Grande, Hollywood CA 12-10-83

This show is with the second line up of The Dicks: Gary Floyd – vocals, Tim Carroll – guitar, Lynn Perko – drums, Sebastian Fuchs – bass. It was recorded from the audience and the sound quality is raw but good. Thanks to Matthias in Freiburg Germany for supplying this show.

track list:
01. Fake Bands
02. Little Boys Feet
03. Rich Daddy
04. Kill From The Heart
05. Dicks Hate The Police
06. I Hope You Get Drafted
07. Nobody Asked Me
08. No Nazis Friend
09. Marilyn Buck
10. Anti-Klan (part 1)
11. Legacy Of Man
12. No Fuckin War
13. Little Rock n' Roller