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Friday, October 22, 2010

Stranglers - Raven demos 1979

Hugh Cornwell is playing in my neighborhood this weekend so I thought I post some Stranglers stuff for the occasion.  Supposedly these are demos for the Raven album but they could be just different mixes. There's eight tracks from the album plus b-side. More info here:

Track List:
01. Longships
02. The Raven
03. Nuclear Device
04. Baroque Bordello
05. Shah Shah A Go Go
06. Ice
07. Meninblack
08. Genetix
09. Yellowcake UF6 Reverse
10. Social Secs

Eyes - Masque, Hollywood 1978

The Eyes were one of L.A.s early Punk bands and are probably most known for the fact that Charlotte Caffey, who made it big with the Go Gos, was an original member. This original line up only released one song on the What Records 7" ep sampler in 1978 ( One further studio track from this line up was released on the What? Stuff compilation CD in 1998 ( In 1996 a six song live set was released in the Live From The Masque vol. 3 CD. This live set features 4 of the songs that have been released plus a Sonny & Cher cover and five songs that haven't been heard anywhere else. The sound quality is very good but it is an audience recording. To see clips of a recent reunion show go here:

01. Little Girl From Hell
02. Don't Talk To Me
03. Go Go Bee
04. title unknown
05. Eniwetok
06. title unknown
07. title unknown
08. title unknown
09. I Got You Babe
10. Kill Your Parents