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Monday, January 2, 2012

T.S.O.L. - Los Angeles CA 1982

Here's two T.S.O.L. shows to start off the new year. I have two sources for the Whiskey show, though, neither is the complete show. As usual the audience recording has good sound quality and the soundboard recording is very good. The T-Bird show is an audience recording. During the show there were numerous power failures so the recording is choppy. The sound quality is good. On the T-Bird show they have added the keyboard player but it's not possible to hear much of him so you'll get to hear all the Beneath The Shadows with minimal keyboard.

@ Whiskey A-Go-Go, Hollywood CA 7-04-82
-Audience Source:
01. Superficial Love
02. Property Is Theft
03. Sounds Of Laughter
04. Dance With Me
05. I'm Tired Of Life
06. Love Story
07. Word Is
08. Die For Me
09. Man And Machine
10. Thoughts Of Yesterday
11. The Triangle
12. 80 Times
13. World War III
14. Code Blue

-Soundboard Source:
15. Abolish Government/Silent Majority
16. Property Is Theft
17. Sounds Of Laughter
18. Dance With Me
19. I'm Tired Of Life
20. Love Story
21. Funeral March

@ T-Bird Rollerdrome, Pico Rivera CA 11-20-82
01. Dance With Me
02. Waiting For You
03. Love Story
04. Word Is
05. Triangle
06. She'll Be Saying
07. Thoughts Of Yesterday
08. Man And Machine
09. Abolish Government-Silent Majority
10. Beneath The Shadows
11. The Other Side
12. Weathered Statues
13. Silent Scream
14. World War III
15. Funeral March
16. 80 Times
17. Wash Away
18. Die For Me
19. I'm Tired Of Living
20. Superficial Love