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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cheetah Chrome & The Casualties - RT Firefly, NYC 3-05-82

So, what did Cheetah Chrome do after the Dead Boys split up in 1979 besides take lots of drugs and release one single? Well, he had a band called The Casualties and they did play shows once in a while. No records were ever issued, but here is a live recording from one night in New York City in 1982 which proves they really did exist. The setlist consists of only three songs from the Dead Boys days and shows that Cheetah was still writing new songs with no less than six being played here, plus the two classic songs from his 1979 single. It's a very interesting set and makes one wish that an album had been released. This is an audience recording and is from cassette. The sound quality is rough but listenable. My favorite song is track 8. Don't forget to read Cheetah's new book.

01. Calling On You (1st set)
02. No Credit
03. Used To Be Fun
04. Staring In The Night
05. Ain't It Fun
06. Federal Case
07. The Boys Are All Here
08. Goodbye
09. Sonic Reducer
10. Still Wanna Die
11. Take Me Home (2nd set)