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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pagans (UK) - The Cuckoo Has Flown demo (1982)

These Pagans were part of the Bluurg/Subhumans family of bands and were from Warminster England. They started in 1980 under the name Wild Youth and had 4 songs on the Wessex '81 compilation tape released by Bluurg. In 1982 they changed a couple members and the name of the band to The Pagans and released one song (their only vinyl release) on the Wessex '82 compilation ep. Previous to Wild Youth the guitarist had been in The Mental who released one ep in 1979 and the bass player was in the Stupid Humans.

track list:
01. Nobody Cares
02. Plastic Age
03. Standing Still
04. Sick Boy 82
05. Politician
06. Wave Goodbye To Your Dreams
07. Attack
08. Quality Of Life
09. Mr Men
10. War Is Not A Game