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Friday, March 23, 2012

Loveslug - Live + Demos 1989/1993

The VPRO is a radio broadcast. The Bielefeld show is a soundboard recording. All very good sound quality.

@ VPRO, Holland 1989
01. Inertia
02. -interview-
03. 1000 Miles

@ AJZ, Bielefeld Germany 4-15-89
01. Work Is A 4-letter Word [instrumental]
02. Charlie

Demos 1989 + 1993
01. title unknown (Snail House Rock outtake 1989)
02. Party Nazi's From Hell (1993)

Loveslug - Tangostudio 1991

Here's more Loveslug. These five songs would eventually all be re-recorded and released on the bands final CD Circus Of Values in 1993 but of these recordings only Loser Bar was released in Europe and the USA on a split single with Skinyard in 1991. That split single was Loveslug's only U.S. release.

track list:
01. Explorer [mix 1]
02. Explorer [mix 2]
03. Talk Is Cheap [became TVOD]
04. Poonhound [mix 1]
05. Poonhound [mix 2]
06. Poonhound [mix 3]
07. Mushroom
08. Loser Bar

Loveslug - Beef Jerky raw mix 1990

Before there was Turbonegro, before there was Hellacopters there was Loveslug, from Amsterdam Holland, who were delivering solid slices of Radio Birdman, stooges, MC5 influenced Rawk. These are raw mixes of the songs that would appear on their second full-length LP in 1990. Most of these tracks are instrumental versions and there is one unreleased original track and one unreleased cover song. These two tracks would have made a very nice single had it been possible.  Very good sound quality.

info here:
Previous Loveslug post here:

01. Dogfood Sandwich
02. Club MTV Bimborama [instrumental]
03. Club MTV Bimborama (Lead Guitar mix) [instrumental]
04. Lily Is Dead [instrumental]
05. You Sexy Thing [Hot Chocolate]
06. Buttbuster [instrumental]
07. Turn The Tide [instrumental]
08. Blood Like Ice [instrumental]
09. (I'm A) Party Member [instrumental]
10. Coyote Date
11. Last Man Alive
12. Love Ransom [instrumental]
13. Work is a 4-letter Word [instrumental]