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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

999 - Capital Radio Session Feb/Mar 1978

This one is also commonly found in blogland but it is posted for the pleasure that is 999. Sound quality is very good.

track list:
01. Emergency
02. Crazy
03. Me and My Desire

Revillos - Live 1981 + Session 1996

I have avoided putting these shows on the blog because I believe they are easily found in blogland but since I haven't got much new stuff to post at the moment I'll add them for those who still might not have them. The Colchester show is an audience recording that is off a vinyl bootleg album. The sound quality is good. The Colwyn Bay show is a soundboard recording and has a couple songs that didn't get released in the day. The sound quality is very good. The Mark Radcliffe session is from their reunion period and is off a radio broadcast. The four songs they play have been officially released in 1999 on the Wireless Recordings CD. This recording includes the interview with the band and the deejays in-between song announcements. Sound quality is very good.

@ Colchester Institute, Colchester England 5-81
01. Motorbike Beat
02. Bongo Brain
03. Mind-Bending Cutie Doll
04. Hip City (You Were Meant for Me)
05. Your Baby's Gone
06. Scuba Boy Bop
07. Do the Mutilation
08. She's Fallen in Love with a Monster Man
09. Where's the Boy for Me?
10. Boys
11. Hippy Hippy Shake

@ Colwyn Bay, Wales 7-81
01. Secret of the Shadow
02. Motorbike Beat
03. Bongo Brain
04. Caveman Raveman
05. Mindbending Cutie Doll
06. Voodoo
07. Your Baby's Gone
08. Scuba Boy Bop
09. Sputnik Kiss
10. Big Shot
11. Man Attack
12. She's Fallen in Love With a Monster Man
13. Snatzomobile
14. Do the Mutilation
15. Boys
16. Hippy Hippy Shake

@ Mark Radcliffe Show, BBC 3-25-96
 01. -interview-
02. Hip City
03. -dj Mark Lamarr 1
04. -dj Mark Lamarr 2
05. Last Of The Secret Agents
06. -interview-
07. Motorcycle Beat
08. -interview-
09. Crush
10. -interview-