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Saturday, April 7, 2012

NWOBHM demos part 10: Dawn Trader/Kraken/Runestaff/TNT

The sound quality on all these is very good but the Kraken demo has an extra bit of tape hiss that I couldn't remove.

info here:

Dawn Trader video here:
Kraken video here:
Runestaff video here:
TNT video here:

Dawn Trader - demo (1982)
01. Angel
02. Take The Money And Run
03. Roller
04. Good To Be Back To Me
05. Running For Your Life

Kraken - demo (1982)
01. Lord Of The Mountain
02. Destroyer
03. Take My Hand
04. Freakshow

Runestaff - demo (1982)
01. Never Mind The Quality
02. The Final Run
03. Last Chances

TNT - 1st demo (1982)
01. End Of The Line
02. Intro
03. Sweet Freedom

NWOBHM demos part 9: Zenith/Snakebite/Jameson Raid/Tyrant/Virgin Star

All these demos have very good sound quality.

info here:

Zenith video here:
Snakebite video here:
Jameson Raid here:
Tyrant video here:
Virgin Star video here:

Zenith - Demo (1982)
01. Easier Said Than Done
02. Coming Back For More
03. Playing Games
04. Vision Of Vengeance
05. Stab In The Back

Snakebite - demo (1982)
01. The Waster
02. The Message
03. Fight For Yourself
04. Burning Sky

Jameson Raid - demo (1982)
01. Electric Sun
02. Run For Cover
03. Getting Hotter
04. Poor Little Rich Girl

Tyrant - demo (1982)
01. Eyes Of A Stranger
02. Look In Your Mirror
03. Forever

Virgin Star - demo (1982)
01. Day Dreamer
02. Hit And Run

Dee Dee Ramone - New Rochelle, NY 11-25-89

Here's three audience recordings from the solo Dee Dee Ramone. The New Rochelle NY show I think is from a vinyl bootleg LP. The other two shows I used have complete but I've lost those tapes and can only find these few songs but they are still good listening.

@ New Rochelle, NY 11-25-89
01. Bloodthirst
02. Mainman
03. She's So Sexy
04. Gypin' Jack
05. Poison Heart
06. I Got A Girlfriend
07. Easy Man To Please
08. Street Animal
09. Ain't No Sugartalker

@ Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia 12-01-89 (incomplete) [from cassette tape]
01. Bloodthirst
02. Poison Heart

@ Loppen, Copenhagen 4-22-94 (incomplete) [from cassette tape]
01. Hey Little Go Go Girl
02. Carol
03. Pretty Little Baby

Adolescents - Fender's Ballroom, Long Beach CA 5-30-86

 This one is a raw audience recording that was recorded during their first reunion period. One new song is played among a host of old classics.

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. Rip It Up
02. Peasant Song
03. Word Attack
04. Amoeba
05. Welcome To Reality
06. Creatures
07. I Got A Right [Stooges]
08. Kids Of The Black Hole