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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stranglers - Demos + Live 1974-1978

By request here are some Stranglers demos, and I've topped the post off with an early 1977 live show. Three songs - Wasted, Strange Little Girl, My Young Dreams (different recording than what's here) from the 1974 demo have been officially released on the The Early Years 74-75-76 Rare Live & Unreleased CD so I didn't include them here. Hans Wärmling also plays guitar on these songs. The quality of all the demos is very good. The live show was recorded from the audience and is a bit raw but listenable.

More info here:
Strangles fanzine here:

1974 Demo
01. Charlie Boy
02. Chinatown
03. My Young Dreams
04. Shut Up

Foel Studio Demos, Wales 3-76
01. Peaches
02. Down In The Sewer
03. Bitching
04. Tomorrow Was The Hereafter (unreleased version)

1977 No More Heroes Demo
01. No More Heroes (Instrumental)

1978 Black And White Demo
01. Tank

@ Rock Garden, Middlesbrough 2-24-77
01. Grip
02. Sometimes
03. Bitching
04. School Mam
05. Peasant In The Big Shitty
06. Straighten Out
07. Hanging Around
08. Ugly
09. London Lady
10. Down In The Sewer
11. Something Better Change
12. Go Buddy Go (interrupted)
13. Go Buddy Go