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Sunday, March 13, 2011

La Peste - Live 1978-1980

Here's three nice live shows from LaPeste. The first two feature Peter Dayton on Guitar and Vocals, The third show features Ian Kalinosky on Guitar and Vocals along with Mark Andreasson on bass and Roger Tripp on drums. The Rat show is a radio broadcast and, apart from three songs, was released on an LP titled LaPeste on Matador Records in 1996. Sound quality is very good. The Cantone's show is from a video tape and the sound quality is raw. The 1980 show is from a radio broadcast and the quality is very good.

1980 interview here:
Unreleased 1980 album available here:
Discography here:

@ Cantones, Boston 4-04-78: [from video tape]
01. title unknown
02. Don't Wanna Die In My Sleep Tonite
03. Whites Of Your Eyes
04. title unknown
05. Rock Rots
06. Leave Me Alone
07. Acid Test

@ Rat, Boston 7-04-79 [from cassette tape]
01. Pop Rock Polls
02. Don't Wanna Die In My Sleep Tonite
03. Truth
04. Hold On To Love
05. Color Scheme
06. Kindness Invites Abuse
07. I Don't Know Right From Wrong
08. Someone Somewhere
09. Johnny You're A Rocket
10. Acid Test
11. You're Too Cute
12. Spymaster
13. Kill Me Now
14. Better Off Dead
15. Not Today

@ WERS, Boston 9-06-80 [from cassette tape]
01. Moscow Radio
02. Bounce
03. Odd Man
04. Color Scheme
05. Sixteen Cities
06. My Place
07. Only One Gun
08. Box
09. Not Today
10. Lease on Life
11. Too Many Lives
12. Army of Apathy
13. Action Strasse [Sensational Alex Harvey Band]
14. Crisis
15. Acid Test
16. My Eyes
17. Takaido Road