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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Teen Idles - Demo + Live 1979-1980

Here's another DC band that changed the world. A couple of the songs from the Basement demo appear on the Teen Idles Discord 100 ep. The sound quality is pretty good. The live show was recorded from the audience and the sound quality is rough but good.

Basement Demo '79-'80 [from cassette tape]
01. Teen Idles
02. I Drink Milk
03. Trans Am
04. Sneakers
05. Anthem
06. title unknown
07. title unknown
08. Deadhead
09. Do You Love Me [Contours]
10. No Fun [Stooges]

@ Third Dimensions, DC 7-27-80
01. Teen Idles
02. I Drink Milk
03. title unknown
04. Do You Love Me [Contours]
05. Fleeting Fury
06. Steppin' Stone [Monkees]
07. Commie Song
08. Anthem
09. Trans Am
10. At The Hop [Danny & The Juniors]
11. Sneakers
12. Get Up And Go
13. Fiourucci Nightmare
14. Deadhead
15. Too Young To Rock

Bad Brains - Live 1980/1982

No one plays it like the Bad Brains and here they are at two different shows on two different coasts playing in two different phases of the band. The DC show was recorded through the soundboard and has them playing all their greatest Punk hits. The sound quality is very good. The Frisco show sees a little change in the band as they are playing three reggae songs in their set. This show was also recorded through the soundboard and the sound quality is very good.

@ Madam's Organ, Washington DC 3-07-80
01. Supertouch
02. How Low Can A Punk Get
03. Pay To Come
04. Jammin' At The Atlantis
05. The Man Won't Annoy Ya
06. The Regulator
07. The Big Takeover
08. Right Brigade
09. Don't Bother Me
10. Banned In DC
11. Why'd You Have To Go
12. Success
13. Shitfit
14. Stay Close To Me
15. Sailin' On
16. Redbone In The City

@ Old Waldorf, San Francisco 10-30-82 [from cassette tape]
01. title unknown
02. title unknown
03. Right Brigade
04. Fearless Vampire Killers
05. Big Take Over
06. Destroy Babylon
07. title unknown

Zero Boys - Indianapolis Indiana 5-25-83

Here's the best band from the Midwest playing two sets of songs from their first two albums in some unknown bar in their hometown. This show was recorded from the audience and the sound quality is pretty good.

Set 1: [from cassette tape]
01. Arnold Layne [Pink Floyd]
02. Inergy
03. Vicious Circle
04. Drug Free Youth
05. Outta Style
06. Charles' Place
07. Black Network News
08. Down The Drain
09. Dirty Alleys_Dirty Minds
10. Trying Harder

Set 2:
11. Drive In
12. Civilization's Dying
13. High Places
14. Human Body
15. You Can Touch Me
16. Mom's Wallet
17. Forced Entry
18. Hightime
19. New Generation
20. Seen That Movie Before
21. Livin' In The 80s
22. Positive Change