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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sadistic Exploits 'zine (Philadelphia)

Here's two issues of the one sheet 'zine that the band Sadistic Exploits used to give out at gigs. Both issues are from 1984.

Issue #7  has band statements, lyrics and artwork
Issue  #8 has band statements, lyrics, art, letters and quotes

Alternative 'zine #4 1981 (Philadelphia)

Here is issue #4 of the Alternative fanzine from Philadelphia. Even though it says December 1984 on the cover this issue is actually from December 1981. This zine was put together by members of the bands Decontrol and Autistic Behavior plus a couple friends. In this issue are articles on Sadistic Exploits, Decontrol, the 1981 Philly Punk Fests, scene news and reviews. 6 Pages.