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Friday, November 19, 2010

Social Unrest - Demo + Live shows 1980-1983

Social Unrest came from Hayward California and formed in 1979. They had the great fortune of having their first two records produced by Dead Kennedy's guitarist East Bat Ray. Those two records were the only ones to feature original singer Kreetin Kaos who left c.1984. This demo and these live shows feature his vocal talents. The Mabuhay and unknown show are soundboard recordings so sound is excellent, the demo is also excellent quality. The On Broadway show was recorded from the audience and is rough but has three unreleased songs on it. Lots of rare songs on all these recordings. The live unknown show was just two songs someone stuck on the end of a tape. Does anyone know where it is from? I'd like to get a copy of the whole show.

info here:

@ Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco 5-8-80 (w/Bob Weaver on vocals)
01. Capitol Hill
02. Porn Palace
03. Join The People That Join The Army
04. Special Olympics
05. Pawn Shop
06. Rush Hour
07. Suburban Housewives
08. Mr. Suit [Wire]
09. Vietnam Vet
10. Teachers
11. No Religion
12. I Don't Care About Love
13. Peace & Flowers Are Dead
14. Sick & Tired Of The Suburbs
15. I Love You + City Police
16. News At 11

Demo 1980 [from cassette]
01. Rush Hour
02. I Don't Care About Love
03. Special Olympics
04. Let The Courts Decide
05. City Police

@ On Broadway, San Francisco 8-10-82
01. Making Room For Youth
02. -country jam-
03. Their Mistake
04. Uncle Scam
05. General Enemy
06. Thinking of Suicide
07. Red White and Blue
08. Lies and Threats
09. Mental Breakdown
10. I Love You
11. City Police

@ Ruthies Inn , Berkeley 6-25-83 [from cassette] [1st source/best quality]
01. General Enemy
02. Handcuffs To Tight

@ Ruthies Inn , Berkeley 6-25-83 [2nd source]
01. General Enemy
02. Handcuffs Too Tight
03. Red, White & Blue
04. Black Sheep
05. Parents
06. The Lord's Prayer

Blades - Demo 1980 (USA)

These Blades were from Los Angeles California and were formed by three members of The Outsiders when that band split. The Blades were around for a couple years but only released three songs on the Someone Got Their Head kicked In compilation LP on BYO Records in 1982. They did get plenty of press in Flipside Magazine, though.

track list:
01. You're Not My Wife
02. On My Own
03. What Are You
04. How Do You Know
05. Life Is A Bore
06. I've Had Enough
07. Gimme Drugs
08. title unknown