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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Condition Red - A.G.A.T.T.Y.O.T Demo CD (1995)

Condition Red were from Hamburg Germany and existed between 1993 and 2003 and released a 13 track demo CD in 1995, had two songs on a compilation CD and released a CD in 2003 before disappearing. Here are seven of the songs from the demo. Anyone have the complete demo? The songs are influenced by 1970s Punk and are energetic and catchy.

website (in German) here:

track list:
01. Observer
02. King Of The Road
03. Ton Of Bricks
04. Jailboy`s Song
05. Don`t Mess With My Heart
06. A.G.A.T.T.Y.O.T.
07. Always Remember

Bernie Tormé & Electric Gypsies - BBC In Concert 11-06-82

How about some New Wave of British Heavy Metal, anyone? All you 1977 Punk lovers should know Bernie Tormé because he had two songs on the Live At The Vortex album that was released in 1978 and also released a great single in that year and an excellent ep in 1979. After which Bernie went off to play Heavy Metal and become famous with Gillian and Ozzy. In 1981 he went back to his own solo career and that's where this live recording comes in. No Easy Way is my fave here and is the one that most sounds like something that was written by him in 1978. There's also a rather interesting version of Search and Destroy as well.

more info here:
and here:

01. Star
02. No Easy Way
03. Turn Out the Lights
04. Getting There
05. Search & Destroy [Stooges]
06. Possession