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Friday, December 2, 2011

Vibrators - Sweden/France 1984

These two shows are for Nuzz, Longy and all the Vibrators fans out there. They were both recorded on their 1984 European tours. The line up on the Sweden show is the original 1976 line up while on the France show John Ellis is missing due to illness (Tony Oliver from The Inmates is in his place). The Sweden show was recorded from the audience and the sound quality is good. The France show is from a radio broadcast and the sound quality is very good. These shows were supplied on CD-R by Matthias in Freiburg Germany.

@ Ultrahuset, Stockholm Sweden 9-17-84
01. Automatic Lover
02. Whips And Furs
03. Flying Duck Theory
04. MX America
05. Baby Blue Eyes
06. Amphetamine Blue
07. Somnambulist
08. Flying Home
09. Baby Baby
10. The Day They Caught The Killer
11. Troops Of Tomorrow
12. Fall In Love
13. Peepshow
14. Sweet Heart
15. London Girls
16. Wrecked On You
17. Bad Time
18. Yeah Yeah Yeah
19. Keep It Clean

@ West Side Club, Lyon France 12-12-84
01. Wolf Man
02. Automatic Lover
03. Whips And Furs
04. MX America
05. Baby Blue Eyes
06. Amphetamine Blue
07. Flying Home
08. Baby Baby
09. Troops Of Tomorrow
10. Fall In Love
11. Sweet Sweet Heart
12. London Girls
13. Wrecked In You
14. Bad Time
15. Yeah Yeah Yeah
16. Judy Says
17. I'm Talking About You [Chuck Berry]