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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stevie Stiletto - Demos 1984-1985

Jacksonville Florida's own Punk Rock Star gives us these 11 songs. The sound quality is very good. Can anyone fill in the song titles?

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track list: [from cassette tape]
01. Love Boat
02. I Don't Wanna Be Gay
03. We Found Johnny
04. I Wanna Be You
05. Girls Like You
06. I X You Out
07. title unknown
08. Just Begun
09. Lousy People
10. 6am
11. Special Club Mix

Translator - Paradise, Boston 10-04-82

Here are some Post-Punk sounds from this San Francisco band. This band released several albums in the 1980s.

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setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. When I Am With You
02. Necessary Spinning
03. Everywhere
04. Circumstance Laughing
05. Nothing Is Saving Me
06. Break Down Barriers
07. My Heart, Your Heart
08. Favorite Drug
09. Different Time
10. Everywhere That I'm Not
11. Sleeping Snakes
12. Dizzy Miss Lizzy [Beatles]
13. Remember [John Lennon]

F-Models - Electric Banana, Pittsburgh 6-12-82

Here are the F Models on a road trip to Pittsburgh. This one was recorded through the soundboard and has very good quality.

01. No Time For Love
02. Shake
03. I'm In Love
04. Paper Brain
05. Lou Grant Breakdown
06. Nobody Loves Me
07. Need Some Good Love
08. In And Out
09. Fall Out
10. Work It Out
11. Brain Washed
12. Feeling So Old
13. Picture My Face [Teenage Head]
14. God Save Chrysler
15. Amazing Grace [traditional]
16. It's Not Right
17. God Fearing Man
18. Red Rubber Ball [Cyrcle]
19. I'm A Christian
20. Ninth Ode To Joy
21. Bartender
22. Post Bomb

F-Models @ JB's, Kent 1-21-82 + Ratskeller, Kent Ohio 8-27-82

Here's more F Models with two live shows from their home turf of Kent Ohio. The JB's show was recorded from the audience and the quality is good. The Ratskeller was recorded through the soundboard and the sound quality is very good.

@ JB's, Kent Ohio 1-21-82
01. The 9th
02. God Fearing Man
03. Work It Out
05. Lookout-Inout-Postbomb
06. No Time For Love
07. Lou Grant Breakdown + Picture My Face [Teenage Head] + Need A Cig
08. interview with SLaM zine

@ Ratskeller, KSU, Kent Ohio 8-27-82
01. Work It Out
02. Brainwashed
03. In And Out
04. Fall Out
05. Nobody Loves Me
06. Russia Rocks
07. Up Town Girls
08. God Save Chrysler
09. Hanky Panky [Tommy James & The Shondells]

Real Kids - Rat, Boston 1-28-78

You know the Real Kids. Here they are playing on radio station WCOZ's Playback show. Very good sound quality.

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. Better Be Good
02. She's Alright
03. All Kindsa Girls
04. Just Like Darts
05. My Baby's Book
06. Do The Boob
07. Rave On [Buddy Holly]
08. Reggae Reggae
09. Look Out Girl
10. Taxi Boys