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Friday, April 22, 2011

V.A. Not So Quiet On The Western Front part 2; Nevada

Here are demos from a few of the bands from Nevada that were on the album. Section 8 features ex-members of Seven Seconds, Urban Assault features future members of Seven Seconds and The Wrecks features Kevin Seconds sister. Sound quality is very good on all.

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Section 8 - demo (1982)
01. Trust Me
02. USSR
03. Mental Discharge
04. Guns
05. Fat, Drunk and Stupid
06. Who Will Fight For America

Wrecks - Teenage Jive demo (1982)
01. I Love To Shoplift
02. Couldnt Believe It
03. High School Anthem
04. Communist Bucks
05. The Wrecks
06. Lullaby Of The Womb
07. Slow Boat To Yuba
08. Punk Is An Attitude
09. This Land Is Your Land

Urban Assault - demo (1982)
01. Cyanide
02. Cool Guys
03. South Lake Tahoe
04. Political Cover
05. I Hate Ignorance
06. Left Wing

V.A. Not So Quiet On The Western Front part 1; NoCal

In 1982 Maximum Rock 'n' Roll magazine released a compilation album that featured then current band from Northern California and Nevada. Most of the bands on it recorded demos and either released a 7" or nothing else at all. One song from the Intensified Chaos demo and the Church Police demo were on that album and some of the between song chatter from the Naked Lady Wrestlers show was also on the album. Sound quality on the demos is very good. The Naked Lady Wrestlers show was recorded through the soundboard and is very good sound quality. Does anyone have the Naked Lady Wrestlers demo???

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Intensified Chaos - demo 1982
01. Intensified Chaos
02. Fight Die Fuck You
03. Won't Kill
04. Romans I-II
05. Mary's Abortion

Naked Lady Wrestlers - On Broadway, San Francisco 1982 [from cassette tape]
01. Munster's Theme
02. title unknown
03. title unknown
04. title unknown
05. Starsky and Hutch
06. title unknown
07. Dan With The Mellow Hair
08. Chinese People
09. William Tell Overture
10. Alaska Pipeline
11. title unknown
12. title unknown

Church Police - demo (1982)
01. Mickey Mouse
02. The Oven Is My Friend
03. Life Is Fun
04. No Flowers
05. Gilligan's Wings
06. Gourmet Cooking
07. Cowboy Hardcore

Kids - WMFU, East Orange NJ 7-24-2003

Here's everyone's favorite KBD band playing live on the radio in the USA. Sound quality is very good.

01. intro
02. City Is Dead
03. Bloody Belgium
04. Do You Want To Know
05. Razorblades For Sale
06. Facist Cops
07. This Is Rock and Roll
08. Do You Love The Nazis

Hüsker Dü - Live 1982/1983

These shows where recorded through the soundboard and the sound quality is very good.

@ Backstage, Tucson AZ 12-28-82 [from cassette tape]
01. In A Free Land
02. Target
03. What Do I Want
04. M.I.C.
05. From The Gut
06. Blah, Blah, Blah
07. Wheels
08. Everything Falls Apart
09. It's Not Funny Anymore
10. Real World
11. Standing By The Sea
12. Deadly Skies
13. Out On A Limb
14. Bricklayer
15. Tired Of Doing Things
16. Afraid Of Being Wrong
17. Strange Week
18. Big Sky
19. Ultracore
20. Let's Go Die
21. Data Control
22. Sunshine Superman [Donovan]
23. Statues
24. Punch Drunk

@ Goofy's Upper Deck, Minneapolis 8-12-83 [from cassette tape]
01. Something I Learned Today
02. It's Not Funny Anymore
03. From The Gut
04. Wheels
05. Everything Falls Apart
06. Chartered Trips
07. Sunshine Superman [Donovan]
08. Eight Miles High [Byrds]
09. Broken Home, Broken Heart
10. What's Going On
11. Newest Industry
12. Pride
13. I'll Never Forget You
14. What Do I Want
15. Data Control
16. Drug Party
17. Punch Drunk
18. Out On A Limb

Dickies - Music Machine, Los Angeles 7-16-84

Here's another Dickies show for those who can't get enough Dickies. This one was recorded through the soundboard and the sound quality is very good.

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. Where Did His Eye Go
02. Nights In White Satin
03. You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)
04. Pretty Please Me
05. The Sound Of Silence
06. Poodle Party
07. (I'm Stuck In A Pagoda With) Tricia Toyota
08. I'm Leonard
09. Wagon Train
10. If Stuart Could Talk
11. She's A Hunchback
12. Rosemary
13. Walk Like An Egg
14. Bowling With Bedrock Barney
15. Manny, Moe And Jack