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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stranglers - Live November 1980

These shows are both radio broadcasts and have very good sound quality.

@ Keystone, Berkeley CA 11-13-80
 01. Toiler On The Seas
02. Duchess
03. Baroque Bordello
04. Hanging Around
05. Crowd noise
06. Down In The Sewer
07. -Hugh speaks-
08. Who Wants The World
09. Threatened
10. Just Like Nothing On Earth
11. Nuclear Device
12. Dead Loss Angeles
13. The Raven

@ Toronto Canada 11-26-80
01. intro
02. Duchess
03. Hanging Around
04. Baroque Bordello
05. Down In The Sewer
06. Who Wants The World
07. Threatened
08. Bring On The Nubiles
09. Tank
10. Nuclear Device
11. Genetix
12. Dead Loss Angeles
13. The Raven
14. I Feel Like A Wog

Slaughter & The Dogs - WFMU, East Orange NJ 2-17-02

I thought I'd posted this a year ago but I can't find it on the blog so I'll post it here. This is a radio broadcast and the sound quality is excellent.

01. Twist & Turn
02. Run Away
03. Saturday Night Till Sunday Morning
04. Blow
05. Welcome To Our Town

Eddie & The Hot Rods - Live 1976/1977

The France show is an audience recording and is a bit raw but the energy the band have on this show is well worth the listen.The BBC show is a radio broadcast and is very good sound quality. And even though they are playing songs primarily from the first album there are two guitars so I will assume that Graeme Douglass has joined the band by the time of this recording.

@ Arena, Mont De Marson France 8-21-76
01. Get Across To You
02. 96 Tears
03. Writing On The Wall
04. All I Need Is Money
05. The Kids Are Alright
06. Been So Long
07. Cruisin' (In The Lincoln)
08. Wooly Bully
09. Horseplay (Wearier Of The Schmaltz)
10. On The Run
11. It Came Out Of The Sky
12. Gloria
13. Get Out Of Denver
14. Satisfaction
15. Movin' On

@ BBC In Concert 1977
01. Teenage Depression
02. Keep On Keeping On
03. I Might Be Lying
04. Been So Long
05. Horseplay
06. Hard Driving Man
07. On The Run
08. Ignore Them (Still Life)

Buzzcocks - Summer Sundae, Leicester 8-13-06

This is a radio broadcast and the sound quality is excellent.

01. Sick City Sometimes
02. Fast Cars
03. Boredom
04. Ever Fallen In Love
05. Wish I Never Loved You
06. Sell You Everything
07. I Don't Mind
08. I Don't Know What To Do With My Life
09. Noise Annoys
10. Breakdown
11. Promises
12. Love You More
13. What Do I Get