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Monday, November 15, 2010

Sonics Rendezvous Band - Demo + Live 1976-1977

If you don't have enough sonic's Rendezvous Band stuff, here's more. The demo is very early on and is all Scott Morgan stuff. A version of each of these songs is on the 6 CD Box Set. The live show features mostly rare early Scott Morgan songs and was recorded from the audience. 

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Demo 2-19-76:
01. Succeed
02. Mystically Yours (Take 1)
03. Mystically Yours (Take 2)
04. Slow Down, Take a Look (Take 1)
05. Slow Down, Take a Look (Take 2)
06. Electrophonic Tonic (Take 1)
07. Electrophonic Tonic (Take 2)
08. Electrophonic Tonic (Take 3)
09. Hijackin' Love [Johnnie Taylor]

@ Detriot MI 2-22-77
01. Succeed
02. Asteroid B-612
03. Step By Step
04. Keep On Hustlin'
05. Song L
06. City Slang
07. Empty Heart [Rolling Stones]
08. Slow Down, Take a Look

Radio Birdman - Paddington Town Hall, Sydney 12-11-77

This show was professionally recorded before Radio Birdman left for their ill-fated European tour.

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01. New Race
02. Descent Into the Maelstrom
03. Anglo Girl Desire
04. Murder City Nights
05. More Fun
06. Smith & Wesson Blues
07. Crying Sun
08. What Gives
09. Let the Kids Dance [Bo Diddley]
10. I-94
11. Hand Of Law
12. Breaks My Heart
13. Dark Surprise

Leftovers - Exchange Hotel, Brisbane 1978

 Leftovers were from Brisbane Australia. They formed in 1976 and finished in 1979 leaving the world with only one classic KBD 7" ep in 1978. In 2003 a CD was compiled of their studio tracks and live tracks. All the live tracks are taken from these two show. The quality is lo-fi but still nice to listen to.

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Show 1:
01. My Flash On You [false start]
02. My Flash On You [Love]
03. That's It
04. Cigarettes & Alcohol
05. Pills [New York Dolls]
06. Hermine [Patti Smith]
07. 50,000 Jackboots
08. Circle Sky [Monkees]
09. I Only Panic When There's Nothing To Do
10. Dead On Arrival
11. (I Don't Wanna Be A) Yellow Peril
12. Cold Turkey [John Lennon]

Show 2:
01. That's It
02. Run Run Run [Velvet Underground]
03. European Son [Velvet Underground]
04. Heroin [Velvet Underground]
05. 50,000 Jackboots
06. Dead On Arrival
07. Cigarettes & Alcohol
08. I Only Panic When There's Nothing To Do

Eastern Dark - The Venetian Room, Melbourne 8-17-85

The Eastern Dark were from Australia and existed for about two years between 1984 and 1986. In that time they released one 7". The band ended when one member was killed in a car crash on the way to a gig. Weeks before the crash they recorded a 12" ep which was released a few months later. In 1990 a double LP was released that contained demos and live recordings titled Girls On The Beach (With Cars). A few songs from this live recording are on that album. It is an audience recording and the quality is pretty good. From cassette tape.

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01. What'd You Do [Ramones]
02. No Picture
03. Gotta Tell Me Why [Slickee Boys]
04. Walking
05. It's You [Milkshakes]
06. Stay Same Somehow
07. I Wanna Destroy You [Soft Boys]
08. Over Now
09. Johnny & Dee Dee
10. Mr. Clean
11. Down To You [Real Kids]
12. Never Again
13. Green Slime [Fuzztones]
14. I Don't Take LSD
15. And Then The Rain [True West]
16. Confrontation Time
17. Whore
18. Reachin' My Head
19. I Don't Need The Reasons
20. Julie Is A Junkie
21. Bad Times [D-Coys]
22. The President Is Dead