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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Plasmatics - CBGB, NYC 1978

This is a soundboard recording and the sound quality is very good.

1st set:
01. Tight Black Pants
02. Butcher Baby
03. Suburban John
04. Living Dead
05. Fast Food Service
06. Test Tube Babies
07. You Think You're Comin'
08. Concrete Shoes
09. Want You Baby
10. Corruption

2nd set:
11. Tight Black Pants
12. Butcher Baby
13. Suburban John
14. Living Dead
15. Fast Food Service

Martha & The Muffins - Richard Skinner Session 1-20-80

I don't know which show this was recorded for or the exact date but the sound quality is very good.

track list:
01. Paint By Numbers Heart
02. Echo Beach
03. Saigon
04. Hide And Seek

Pop Group - John Peel Sessions 3-07-78

Very Good sound quality on this one.

track list:
01. We Are Time
02. Kiss The Book
03. Words Disobey Me

NWOBHM part 7: Stormqueen/Traitor's Gate/Trident/Virtue

Very Good sound quality on all.

info here:

Stormqueen video here:
Traitor's Gate video here:
Trident video here:
Virtue video here:

Stormqueen - Battle of Britain demo (1980)
01. Battle of Britain
02. Captives of the Moon
03. Lady Night
04. Raising the Roof

Traitors Gate - demo (1983)
01. Intro/Starchild
02. Take A Chance On The Night
03. Traitor's Gate

Trident - demo (1986)
01. See Me Tonite
02. Mistreated
03. Mystic Lady
04. Say Goodnight
05. Gimme Some Rock

Virtue - demo (1987)
01. Fool's Gold
02. Hideaway
03. Seek And Destroy

NWOBHM part 6: Golgotha/Mad Dog/Overkill/Preyer/Reincarnate

Very Good sound quality on all.

info here:

Golgotha video here:
Mad Dog video here:
Overkill video here:
Preyer video here:
Reincarnate video here:

Golgotha - demo (1983)
01. Warlord
02. The Preacher

Mad Dog - demo (1986)
01. Chill Out
02. Fortune Favours The Brave
03. The Last Great Wilderness
04. We All Remeber Shangai Joe

Overkill - demo (1981)
01. Out Of My Head
02. How Does It Feel

Preyer - On The Prowl demo (1985)
01. Beware Of The Night
02. Rough 'N Ready
03. No Mercy For The Wicked

Reincarnate - demo (1983)
01. Into The Night
02. Man On The Hill
03. Save Me From The Darkness
04. Reincarnate

NWOBHM part 5: Dark Star/Dealer/Dick Smith Band/Dragonfly

Very Good sound quality on these.

info here:

Dark Star video here:
Dealer video here:
Dick Smith Band video here:
Dragonfly video here:

Dark Star - demo (1979)
01. Die Tryin'
02. Stars Like Dust
03. Crazy Circles
04. Carry On

Dealer - Demo (1984)
01. The Final Conflict
02. Money Is Your Passport
03. Looking For A Reason

Dick Smith Band - demo (1981)
01. Changing Places
02. Shine
03. Motorway Madness

Dragonfly - Demo (1980)
01. High Talk
02. Loser

Dragonfly - Demo (1981)
01. No No No No
02. Mercy

NWOBHM part 4: Black Rose/Cloven Hoof/Cryer/Damascus

Very good sound quality on all these.

info here:

Black Rose video here:
Cloven Hoof video here:
Cryer video here:
Damascus video here:

Black Rose - Demo (1980)
01. Biker
02. Fire
03. Loveshock
04. Raised In Hell

Cloven Hoof - demo (1982)
01. That’s The Way It Goes
02. Return Of The Passover
03. Road Of Eagles
04. A Piece Of The Action

Cryer - demo (1981)
01. The Visionary
02. Spaces
03. Footsteps Through Time
04. Cyclone

Damascus - demo (1984)
01. Fight Or Flight
02. Goodbye Harry
03. This Is It
04. Another Rainy Day
05. Predator

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Union Carbide Productions - Live 1988/2003

Union Carbide Productions from Sweden were another of the great late 1980s bands that made it a great time for rock music. The CGBG show is from a Swedish Radio broadcast and the Hultsfred show is from Swedish television. Both have very good sound quality.

@ CBGB, NYC 4-10-88
01. Financial Declaration
02. Summer Holiday Camp
03. Ring My Bell
04. Maximum Dogbreath
05. Teenage Bankman
06. -dj announcements-
07. Cartoon Animals

@ Hultsfred Festival, Sweden 6-14-03
01. Financial Declaration
02. San Francisco Boogie
03. Be Myself Again
04. Down On The Farm
05. Got My Eyes On You
06. High Speed Energy
07. Maximum Dogbreath
08. Golden Age
09. Ring My Bell
10. Born In The 60's
11. Here Comes God

Friday, March 23, 2012

Loveslug - Live + Demos 1989/1993

The VPRO is a radio broadcast. The Bielefeld show is a soundboard recording. All very good sound quality.

@ VPRO, Holland 1989
01. Inertia
02. -interview-
03. 1000 Miles

@ AJZ, Bielefeld Germany 4-15-89
01. Work Is A 4-letter Word [instrumental]
02. Charlie

Demos 1989 + 1993
01. title unknown (Snail House Rock outtake 1989)
02. Party Nazi's From Hell (1993)

Loveslug - Tangostudio 1991

Here's more Loveslug. These five songs would eventually all be re-recorded and released on the bands final CD Circus Of Values in 1993 but of these recordings only Loser Bar was released in Europe and the USA on a split single with Skinyard in 1991. That split single was Loveslug's only U.S. release.

track list:
01. Explorer [mix 1]
02. Explorer [mix 2]
03. Talk Is Cheap [became TVOD]
04. Poonhound [mix 1]
05. Poonhound [mix 2]
06. Poonhound [mix 3]
07. Mushroom
08. Loser Bar

Loveslug - Beef Jerky raw mix 1990

Before there was Turbonegro, before there was Hellacopters there was Loveslug, from Amsterdam Holland, who were delivering solid slices of Radio Birdman, stooges, MC5 influenced Rawk. These are raw mixes of the songs that would appear on their second full-length LP in 1990. Most of these tracks are instrumental versions and there is one unreleased original track and one unreleased cover song. These two tracks would have made a very nice single had it been possible.  Very good sound quality.

info here:
Previous Loveslug post here:

01. Dogfood Sandwich
02. Club MTV Bimborama [instrumental]
03. Club MTV Bimborama (Lead Guitar mix) [instrumental]
04. Lily Is Dead [instrumental]
05. You Sexy Thing [Hot Chocolate]
06. Buttbuster [instrumental]
07. Turn The Tide [instrumental]
08. Blood Like Ice [instrumental]
09. (I'm A) Party Member [instrumental]
10. Coyote Date
11. Last Man Alive
12. Love Ransom [instrumental]
13. Work is a 4-letter Word [instrumental]

Monday, March 19, 2012

Negazione - AJZ, Bielefeld Germany 12-30-85

Here's a soundboard recording that was recorded in the halcyon days of Italian Hardcore by the now legendary Negazione. I haven't had time to figure out all the song titles, yet. If anyone can help that would be great.

01. Noi
02. la vittoria della sconfitta
03. Cannibale
04. non mi dire
05. un amaro sorriso
06. plastica umanita'
07. lasciami stare
08. irrazionalita' sconnessa
09. tutti pazzi
10. Maggioranza / Minoranza
11. Maschere
12. Incubo di morte
13. Lei Ha Bisogno Di Qualcuno Che La Guardi
14. Niente
15. la mia mente
16. dritti contro un muro

Friday, March 16, 2012

T.S.O.L. - City Gardens, Trenton NJ 11-81

Both these shows are very good soundboard  recordings.

@ City Gardens, Trenton NJ 11-06-81
01. Superficial Love
02. Property Is Theft
03. Die For Me
04. Peace Thru Power
05. I'm Tired Of Life
06. Love Story
07. Abolish Government + Silent Majority
08. Word Is
09. Sounds Of Laughter
10. The Triangle
11. 80 Times
12. Silent Scream
13. Funeral March
14. World War III
15. Code Blue

@ City Gardens, Trenton NJ 11-07-81
01. Dance With Me
02. Peace Thru Power
03. Die For Me
04. I'm Tired Of Life
05. Love Story
06. 80 Times
07. Word Is
08. Silent Scream
09. Code Blue

Monday, March 12, 2012

Readymades - Oakland Auditorium, Oakland 4-20-79

Readymades were a Power Pop/New Wave band from San Francisco. In 1977 they released a three song 7" ep and in 1980 they released a four song 12" ep before splitting up. This show is a very good soundboard recording.

 Some info here:

01. Instrumental
02. Edge City
03. Hurry Up And Go
04. Trying To Grow Up
05. After The Earthquake
06. Anything Like Your Love
07. Penny
08. The Kids Are Alright [The Who]
09. Tin Pan Alley
10. Electric Toys
11. Spy
12. The Wanderer
13. Supergirl
14. You Can't Live Without The USA

Sunday, March 11, 2012

T.S.O.L. - Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco CA 10-26-81

This one is a radio broadcast and the sound quality is very good.

01. Dance With Me
02. Superficial Love
03. Property Is Theft
04. Die For Me
05. I'm Tired Of Life
06. Love Story
07. Peace Through Power
08. The Triangle
09. Word Is
10. Abolish Government - Silent Majority
11. Sounds Of Laughter
12. Silent Scream
13. Funeral March
14. Code Blue
15. World War III
16. -dj-

Johnny Ramone - KUSF station I.D 1981

For the Ramones collector who needs everything ever recorded by them here is a station identification that Johnny Ramone did for the radio station KUSF in San Francisco in 1981. It's less than a minute long. Sound quality is excellent.

track list:
01. Johnny Ramone - KUSF station I.D 1981

Descendents - California 1982/1983

These shows are both soundboard recordings. Unfortunately, they both suffer from being a thousand generations away from the original tape so there is tape hiss present. I got rid of as much as I could without wrecking the sound. The Heavy Metal intro on the T-Bird show is just a 13 minute time waste by two members while waiting for the other members to make it to the stage. Very good sound quality.

@ Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco CA  11-02-82
01. Marriage
02. Tonyage
03. I'm Not A Punk
04. I'm Not A Loser
05. Kabuki Girl
06. I Wanna Be A Bear
07. I Like Food
08. Hey Hey
09. Weinerschnitzel
10. My Dad Sucks
11. Mr Bass
12. Parents
13. Global Probing
14. Like The Way I Know

@ T-Bird Rollerdome, Pico Rivera CA 1-15-83
01. Heavy Metal intro
02. I Wanna Be A Bear
03. I'm Not A Loser
04. Mr Bass
05. Suburban Home
06. Myage
07. Shattered Milo
08. Kabuki Girl
09. My Dad Sucks
10. Hey Hey
11. Catalina
12. Ace
13. I'm Not A Punk
14. Pervert
15. Bikeage
16. Hope
17. Global Probing
18. Jean Is Dead

Rockula - Khyber, Philadelphia 5-08-98

Rockula were a late 1990s Garage Punk band from Philadelphia. They existed only 6 months in which time they recorded one three song demo and played a few shows. Unfortunately, they never released a record or CD. This show was recorded from the audience and is of good sound quality.

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. This Song Should Be A Hit
02. Big Muff Pie
03. The Cowboy Song
04. He's A Jerk
05. Socks for Christmas/Chihuahua Girl
06. I'm the Tops
07. I'm Your Man [Small Faces]
08. Tell Me Your Name
09. Charlene
10. title unknown
11. He's A Whore [Cheap Trick]
12. Atomic Dust

Friday, March 9, 2012

Protex - Kid Jensen Session 1-79

Here's a radio session from Northern Ireland's Protex that has them playing songs which were eventually all released on their singles before they split up. This is from a bootleg record. Sound quality is very good.

info here:

Previous Protex post here:

track list:
01. Don't Ring Me Up
02. I Can't Cope
03. A Place In Your Heart
04. Popularity

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Antidote - CBGB, NYC 7-24-83

Antidote were an early 1980's NYHC punk band that released one 7"ep in 1983. They split up and reformed a couple times before releasing a 12" ep in 1990. Parts of this show were bootlegged on a 7" ep in the year 1990.
This recording is from the soundboard and the sound quality is very good.

01. Instrumental intro
02. Live For Nothing
03. Life As One
04. Nazi Youth
05. Deadly Rain
06. title unknown
07. Leave Us Behind
08. Got Me On The Line
09. Unaffected
10. Real Deal
11. Zero Mentality
12. Die At War
13. Something Must Be Done
14. Foreign Job-Lot

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fear - WOW Hall, Eugene Oregon 9-17-82

Very good soundboard recording.

01. Gimme Some Action
02. Camarillo
03. No More Nothing
04. Beef Bologna
05. Foreign Policy
06. Do Me Some Damage
07. Strangulation
08. We Destroy The Family
09. We Got To Get Out Of This Place [Animals]
10. Waiting For The Meat
11. Welcome To The Dust Ward
12. I Don't Care About You
13. Fresh Flesh
14. I Love Livin' In The City
15. Disconnected
16. Let's Have A War
17. Fuck Christmas
18. Mengele

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Praying Mantis - Live 1979/1982

The Marquee show is an audience recording and the sound quality is raw but good.  The Reading Fest show is a radio broadcast and the sound quality is very good.

@ Marquee, London 1979
01. Rich City Kids
02. Lovers To The Grave
03. Rock & Roll Fever
04. Johnny Cool
05. Praying Mantis

@ Reading Festival, Reading England 8-27-82
01. Nightmare
02. I Know It
03. Tell Me The Nightmare's Wrong
04. Enough Is Enough
05. Turn The Tables
06. Flirting With Suicide

O.M.D. - North Stage Theatre, Glen Cove, NY 3-03-83

Here is a very good sounding radio broadcast from Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark playing all their hits and then some.

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. Romance Of The Telescope
02. Sealand
03. Pretending To See The Future
04. Messages
05. Almost
06. Mr. Reality
07. Joan of Arc
08. Motion and Heart
09. Joan of Arc #2
10. Statues
11. Souvenir
12. The New Stone Age
13. Enola Gay
14. Bunker Soldiers
15. Electricity
16. She's Leaving
17. Julia's Song

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bad Religion - Ukrainian Culture Center, Los Angeles 3-12-82

This is a rough audience recording. It's a good set by the early Bad Religion but this one has to be heard only for the L.A.P.D. intro. It gives a small idea of what it was like going to Punk shows in some places in 1982.

01. L.A.P.D. intro
02. We're Only Gonna Die
03. Part lll
04. Pity
05. World War III
06. Latch Key Kids
07. Bad Religion
08. Politics
09. Doing Time
10. Voice Of God Is Government
11. Drastic Actions
12. Faith In God
13. Damned To Be Free
14. Fuck Armageddon This Is Hell

Friday, March 2, 2012

Steve Diggle - Demos 1-27-81

Here are some demo songs recorded by Steve Diggle in his home studio one month before the Buzzcocks split up in 1981. These songs feature guitar, drum machine and some vocals. None of the songs are finished and only the song Drift Away apparently ever got released (on a Flag Of Convenience album). These recordings provide insight into the songwriting process and also gets one wondering what a fourth Buzzcocks album might have sounded like in 1981 had they continued at that time.

track list:
01. Can You Dig It
02. Drift Away
03. Dancing At Dawn
04. By My Side
05. Don't Come Back