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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fear - WOW Hall, Eugene Oregon 9-17-82

Very good soundboard recording.

01. Gimme Some Action
02. Camarillo
03. No More Nothing
04. Beef Bologna
05. Foreign Policy
06. Do Me Some Damage
07. Strangulation
08. We Destroy The Family
09. We Got To Get Out Of This Place [Animals]
10. Waiting For The Meat
11. Welcome To The Dust Ward
12. I Don't Care About You
13. Fresh Flesh
14. I Love Livin' In The City
15. Disconnected
16. Let's Have A War
17. Fuck Christmas
18. Mengele


  1. This is a great show, the recording is good, the band is tight and hilarious between songs. Question: On my copy, they open with the country tune "Hank Williams Was Queer". Was that tacked on from a different show?

  2. Smicha1 here is your answer. Wikipedia got all the answers.

  3. Thanks! This is a better quality source than the one I have!