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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meat Puppets - Elite Club, San Francisco 9-12-81

Here's one more post before I take some time off. I got this a few years ago from a guy who didn't mark the venue or the date of the show. According to the in-between song chatter this is the first time they played in San Francisco. Does anyone know the date or the venue? I suspect it is the Mabuhay or maybe the On Broadway about 1981 or 1982. Also, can anyone fill in the song titles? This was recorded from the soundboard and the quality is very good.

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. title unknown
02. Dolphin Field
03. title unknown
04. Litter Box
05. Out In The Gardener
06. title unknown
07. title unknown
08. Reward
09. Electromud
10. title unknown
11. title unknown
12. Meat Puppets
13. title unknown
14. title unknown
15. Love Offering
16. The Gold Mine
17. In A Car

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Upright Citizens - AZ, Freiburg Germany 10-07-84

Back in the day my favorite band from Germany was Upright Citizens and here they are live in action. This show was recorded from the audience and is rough quality.

01. title unknown
02. Now Or Never
03. Adrenalin
04. Telling Them [Social Distortion]
05. Hated
06. I Hate Church
07. Never Say Goodbye
08. Government Wins
09. The Dark Side Of My Mind
10. title unknown
11. Swastika Rats
12. Hammer & Sickle
13. What Are We Gonna Do Now
14. Dead Blood
15. Fuck The Army

Anthrophobia - Rehearsals + Demo 1985

My first band was Suburban Aggression which it started in 1982 and was also the first Punk band in my hometown of Reading Pennsylvania. In February 1984 we recorded a demo and split not too long after. A couple of the guys went on to form Anthrophobia who recorded a demo at the end of 1985. The singer moved to Philadelphia in 1986 and put together a new line up and existed with various line ups for more than 20 years. These demos and rehearsal represent the beginnings of that band.

website here:
myspace here:

Suburban Aggression - demo 2-84
01 Dazed And Confused
02 I'm Bored

Anthrophobia @ Rehearsals 1985
01. Anthrophobia
02. Rude Awakening
03. Don't Misunderstand Me
04. title unknown
05. I'm Bored
06. The Wall
07. Hurry Up and Wait
08. title unknown
09. Black & Blue Innocence
10. Flashbacks
11. Dazed and Confused
12. Endangered Minorities
13. title unknown
14. Good For Nothing
15. Look Away
16. Backward Ass Country Fuck
17. Endangered Minorities
18. Dionysion (Ruin)

Anthrophobia - Demo 11-85
01. Rude Awakening
02. Dazed And Confused
03. Backward Ass Country Fuck
04. Good For Nothing
05. Flashbacks
06. Look Away
07. Anthrophobia

Follow Fashion Monkeys - Philadelphia 2-08-87 + Demo 1987

Here's another lost band from Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania. The release one album in 1985, toured the USA with Italy's Indigesti and recorded an unreleased album in 1987 at Inner Ear studios that was produced and mixed by Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara. The live show here has 5 songs that were on that album and the demo has another one. I think that album is now available for purchase on Itunes or one of those internet sites. The live show was recorded through the soundboard so the quality is very good. Sound quality on the demo is also very good.

@ Club Pizzaz, Philadelphia 2-08-87
01. For Your Love [Yardbirds]
02. Ten Years
03. For What It's Worth [Buffalo Springfield]
04. Ready Set Go
05. All American Diner
06. M-16
07. Animal New One
08. America
09. Don't Ask
10. Hot Mustard
11. Rock 'n' Roll Singer [ACDC]

Demo (1987)
01. What About Tomorrow
02. No Direction (take 1)
03. No Direction (take 2)

Cheetah Chrome & The Blackhearts - WFMU, East Orange NJ 2-05-09

The Dead Boys Cheetah Chrome does a short set on WFMU with the Blackhearts as backing band and plays one new song. Excellent quality.

01. intro
02. Final Solution
03. Bury You Alive
04. Love Song To Death
05. I Need Lunch

Dictators - Part 2; Live shows 1977

Part two has a live radio broadcast for the BBC from CBGB's and a soundboard recording from San Francisco. The quality on both is very good. I've also added a recent performance by Andy Shernoff on WFMU doing acoustic Dictators songs.

@ CBGBs, New York City NY 6-25-77
01. The Next Big Thing
02. Science Gone Too Far
03. Young, Fast & Scientific
04. Hey Boys
05. Steppin' Out
06. Disease
07. Two Tub Man
08. Search And Destroy [Stooges]

@ Winterland, San Francisco 7-30-77
01. Science Gone Too Far
02. Next Big Thing
03. Young, Fast, Scientific
04. Weekend
05. Hey Boys
06. Steppin' Out
07. Master Race Rock
08. Disease + Solo
09. Two Tub Man
10. Search and Destroy [Stooges]

Andy Shernoff @ WFMU, East Orange NJ 3-23-10
01. Master Race Rock [acoustic]
02. Stay With Me [acoustic]
03. Who Will Save Rock 'n' Roll [acoustic]

Dictators - Part 1; Demos + Live

Here's some demos that didn't get released on the Every Day Is Saturday album a few years back plus a 1976 live show from that famous New York club. There's a few interesting never before released songs. The CB's show was recorded from the audience but sounds pretty good.

Demo 1975
01. Interstellar Overdrive [Pink Floyd]
02. Tits to You
03. Too Much Fun
04. Dogs

Demo 1976
01. Heartache
02. Search & Destroy [Stooges]
03. Disease
04. Sleepin' with the TV On
05. Exposed

@ CBGB 7-26-76 [from cassette tape]
01. California Sun [Rivieras]
02. Tits To You
03. Search and Destroy [Stooges]
04. Tender Is the Night
05. Tallahassie Lassie [Freddie Cannon]
06. The Next Big Thing
07. America the Beautiful [traditional]
08. Two Tub Man
09. Master Race Rock

Price - Demo 1985 + Uxbridge England 12-20-90

The Price were from England but I don't know much else about them other than they released a few records around 1990 on the Released Emotions label which released some records by 1970s Punk bands. The live show was recorded through the soundboard and is very good quality.

Demo 1985
01. Getting Us Nowhere
02. Too Many People
03. Turn Around

@ Uxbridge England 12-20-90
01. Between The Lines
02. Was It You
03. Audacity
04. Getting Us Nowhere
05. Close The Curtains
06. Standing In Your Way
07. Jodie
08. Too Many People
09. What About Love
10. Shattered Life
11. Changing Places
12. This One
13. You Say You Don't Love Me [Buzzcocks]
14. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow [Shirelles]

Chelsea - Reading Festival, Reading England 8-27-79

Chelsea live at the famous Reading Festival. I don't know the source of this one, could be off a video, but the sound quality is a bit rough. 

01. I'm On Fire
02. Urban Kids
03. No Admission
04. Your Toy
05. High Rise Living
06. Right To Work

Snuffits - What The Shit demo 1998 + bonus tracks

In the 1980s I was in a couple Punk bands and in the 1990s I was also in a few.  Here's one of those 1990s band. The demo was recorded April 18, 1998.

track list:
01. Punk Rock 'n' Roll Weekend
02. No Hope Left
03. No Hope Left (Bulgarian Mix)
04. Last Ain't A Bad Place To Be
05. Teenage Kicks [Undertones]
06. I'm Affected [Ramones]
07. Alone With You (outtake)
08. Rejuvination (practice 3-98)
09. untitled (practice 3-98)
10. Alone With You  (practice 8-14-97)
11. Checkmate + Don't Know (practice 8-14-97)

Crowd - Rendezvous, Garden Grove CA 11-06-79

Here's an early live set from the Crowd. This show was recorded from the audience and the quality is rough and raw. Can anyone help with the song titles?

01. intro
02. Living In Madrid
03. New Crew
04. Politics
05. Go To The Dentist
06. Executive Life
07. Tough Like You
08. It's A Scene
09. The In Crowd
10. Guyana
11. Too Much Too Soon
12. Suzy is a Surf Rocker
13. Under the Rug
14. Trix Are For Kids
15. Life is a Pill
16. For Your Love [Yardbirds]
17. Modern Machine

Circle One - Live in 1982 + 1983

Here's two live shows by Circle One that were recorded through the soundboard. The sound quality is very good on both shows. Can anyone help fill in the unknown song titles? 

@ Phoenix Arizona 12-16-82 [from cassette tape]
01. Are You Afraid
02. title unknown
03. Plastic Life
04. title unknown
05. Pride
06. Survive
07. Going Against The Grain
08. title unknown
09. Our Sword
10. Fading + Destroy Exxon
11. title unknown
12. G.I. Combat
13. Highway Patrolmen
14. title unknown

@ Skylite Club, Long Beach CA 3-31-83 [from cassette tape]
01. Are You Afraid
02. title unknown
03. title unknown
04. Vietnam Veteran
05. The Gospel
06. title unknown
07. Plastic Life
08. Draw The Line
09. Pride
10. Hate, Lust, Filth and Greed
11. Fading
12. Die For Exxon
13. title unknown
14. F. O.
15. title unknown
16. title unknown
17. title unknown
18. title unknown

Monday, January 24, 2011

Vandals - two shows live in 1982-83

Here's two fun live shows by The Vandals. One is a soundboard recording and the other is a radio broadcast. The sound quality is very good on both of them.

T-Bird show review + diary of Los Angeles shows here:

@ T-Bird Rollerdrome, Pico Rivera CA 12-11-82 [from cassette tape]
01. Wanna Be Manor
02. Anarchy Burger
03. Copacabana [Barry Manilow]
04. Pirate's Life
05. Hocus Pocus [Focus]
06. The Legend Of Pat Brown
07. C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S./Gloria [Yobs]
08. Viking Suit
09. Heartbreak Hotel [Elvis Presley]
10. Urban Struggle

@ KPFK, Los Angeles 3-05-83 [from cassette tape]
01. Pirate's Life
02. Dachau Cabana
03. Anarchy Burger
04. Hocus Pocus [Focus]
05. Wanna Be Manor
06. Ants Go Marching
07. I'm A Fly
08. Heartbreak Hotel [Elvis Presley]
09. Urban Struggle
10. Viking Suits
11. The Legend Of Pat Brown

Bad Religion - Live in 1983

Here's two very nice live shows by Bad Religion from 1983. Both were recorded through the soundboard and the sound quality is very good.

@ T-Bird Rollerdrome, Pico Rivera CA 1-15-83 [from cassette tape]
01. Latch Key Kids
02. Fuck Armageddon... This Is Hell
03. Slaves
04. Pity
05. New Leaf
06. Doing Time
07. Bad Religion
08. Politics
09. Damned To Be Free
10. Faith In God
11. Voice Of God Is Government
12. Drastic Actions

@ Skylite Club, Long Beach CA 3-31-83 [from cassette tape]
01. We're Only Gonna Die
02. Part III
03. Faith In God
04. It's Only Over When...
05. ...You Give Up
06. Latch Key Kids
07. The Dichotomy
08. Fuck Armageddon... This Is Hell
09. Voice Of God Is Government
10. Slaves
11. Johnny B Goode [Chuck Berry]
12. Rock 'n' Roll [Led Zeppelin]
13. Louie Louie [Richard Berry]

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bad Brains/Circle Jerks @ Wabash Hall, San Diego 11-10-85

Here's two legendary bands playing on the same show. These were recorded from the soundboard and the sound quality is very good.

Bad Brains @ Wabash Hall, San Diego 11-10-85 [from cassette tape]
01. At The Movies
02. I
03. Big Take Over
04. Right Brigade
05. Banned In DC
06. Hired Gun
07. Coptic Times
08. Haile Selassie I
09. Re-Ignition

Circle Jerks @ Wabash Hall, San Diego 11-10-85 [from cassette tape]
01. title unknown
02. Letter Bomb
03. In Your Eyes
04. High Price On Our Heads
05. Leave Me Alone
06. Wönderful
07. Stars & Stripes
08. Making The Bombs
09. Deny Everything
10. Wild In The Streets
11. Killing For Jesus
12. When The Shit Hits The Fan
13. Junk Mail
14. Mrs. Jones
15. Paid Vacation
16. Trapped
17. Back Against The Wall
18. Wasted
19. Under The Gun
20. Operation
21. Coup D'Etat
22. World Up My Ass

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Video Alert - Mont de Marson Punk Festival 1977

The T.U.B.E. blog has recently posted links to a video of The Mont de Marson Punk Festival in France in 1977 that has footage of Clash, Boys, Damned, Eddie & The Hotrods, Police and Shakin' Street.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Hotwires - misc tracks 2001-2003

The Hotwires were from London and existed from 2000 to 2004. They released on 10" ep and one CD before disappearing. I downloaded these 5 songs from their official website in 2003 and was never able to find their releases. Does anyone have them? I'd like to have.Their official website does not exist any longer.

info here:
and here:

track list:
01. The Scene Sucks [from The Red Glare Of Rockets 10" (2001)]
02. Furious Desires [from The Red Glare Of Rockets 10" (2001)]
03. Big City [from Ignition CD (2003)]
04. Motion Sickness [from Ignition CD (2003)]
05. Car Crash #1 [from Ignition CD (2003)]

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wasted Talent - Demo, Live + Rehearsal 1982-1983

Wasted Talent are another great Pennsylvania band that are not that well know. They were from State College PA and existed from 1981 to 1984. In 1983 they released a cassette album. Three songs from that tape were included on the Master Tape volume 2 compilation LP released in 1983. After the band split drummer Mick moved to Philadelphia and was a member of the band Oblivion who recorded one demo and bassist Greta moved to Richmond Virginia and was a member of Unseen Force with ex-members of White Cross. Wasted Talent are mentioned in the book American Hardcore and have a short interview piece in the America hardcore film. Today Mick is a respected poet with several books in print and Greta is a respected bass guitarist having played with Moby, Debby Harry and many others.

more info here:
and here:
Master Tape 2 here:

Self Rule demo 1982 [from cassette tape]
01. Junta Man
02. Destroy Power
03. Not Anymore
04. Is That All
05. Ready To Riot
06. This Is Amerika
07. Off To War
08. Dog Days In The Lab
09. Poor Taste
10. Do You Really
11. Coming Right Now
12. Surf City [Jan & Dean]

@ Hub, State College PA 5-05-83 [from cassette tape]
01. I Hate Penn State
02. Animal Bondage [Art Attacks]

@ Rehearsal 10-21-83 [from cassette tape]
01. Blitzkrieg Bop [Ramones]
02. Junta Man
03. Off To War
04. Not Anymore
05. Sid's Leather Jacket
06. Dog Days In The Lab
07. Dog Days In The Lab
08. Boarding School
09. Boarding School
10. Glad I'm Not A Retard
11. WannaBe
12. This Could Help
13. This Could Help
14. title unknown
15. Stuck in a Hole
16. Stuck in a Hole
17. title unknown

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Zack Zack - Demo (2010)

Because I'm old and have been listening to Punk Rock for a long time, finding new bands that are interesting and exciting past a few listens is not easy but there are a few. One of those bands is Zack Zack from Berlin Germany. I'd never heard of them before I saw them last summer at Berlin's famous S.O. 36 club. I thought they were very good that night and recently I got this demo that they recorded and have been listening to it constantly since it arrived. They are definitely 70s Punk and Mod Revival inspired.

info here:
video here:

track list:
01. Arkadengirl
02. Penetration
03. Bla Bla
04. (What The) Economy (Is For)
05. Nervenzusammenbruch

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Last Cry - Live Show + Demo 1986

Last Cry were from Lehigh Valley (= the cities of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton) Pennsylvania and were around for only 6 months or so. In that time they opened for some big touring bands - Descendants and Marginal Man among them. They never made it out of the Lehigh Valley and their last act together was to record a 9 song demo tape. They were my favorite band from Lehigh Valley in those days and I recorded this live show with a boom box.

@ West Catty Playground, Catasaque PA 4-12-86
01. Instrumental
02. Friends You'll Never Know
03. TV Evangelist
04. So Much More
05. Last Cry
06. title unknown
07. Catholic School
08. Life Or Fate
09. The Monster In My Head
10. Make Me Shine
11. Take Off Your Clothes
12. title unknown

Demo (1986)
01. TV Evangelist
02. Catholic School
03. Instrumental
04. Last Cry
05. Make Me Shine
06. Life Of Fate
07. Take Off Your Clothes
08. Monster In My Head
09. So Much More

Monday, January 17, 2011

Undertones - Live shows 1978-1983 part 2

Here's two shows from the Undertones 3rd and 4th album periods. Both shows were recorded through the soundboard and the quality is very good.

@ Werchter Festival, Belgium 7-05-81 [from cassette tape]
01. I Don't Know
02. When Saturday Comes
03. Tearproof
04. Positive Touch
05. Julie Ocean
06. It's Going To Happen
07. Girls That Don't Talk
08. Good Looking Girlfriend
09. My Perfect Cousin
10. Teenage Kicks

@ Reading Festival, England 8-27-83 [from cassette tape]
01. Teenage Kicks
02. Chain Of Love
03. Let's Talk About Girls
04. Concious
05. Got To Have You Back
06. Bittersweet
07. Tearproof
08. Julie Ocean

Undertones - Live shows 1978-1983 part 1

Here are some very nice live shows by the Undertones. Of course all the songs on these shows are released but one of the bonuses here is the in-between song chatter from Feargal Sharkey. The Lyceum show is off the soundboard and the other two show are radio broadcasts so the sound quality is very good all around and the BBC show has a very nice introduction from John Peel.

@ Lyceum, London 12-03-78
01. Get Over You [officially released on CD2 of Undertones - An Anthology (2008)]
02. Jump Boys

@ Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands 3-15-80
01. Male Model
02. Tearproof
03. Teenage Kicks
04. Jimmy Jimmy
05. The Way Girls Talk
06. There Goes Norman
07. Get Over You
08. Whizz Kids
09. Family Entertainment
10. True Confessions
11. Here Comes The Summer
12. She's A Runaround
13. Girls Don't Like It
14. Rock And Roll [Gary Glitter]

@ BBC In Concert 4-19-80 [from cassette tape]
01. Hard Luck
02. You've Got My Number
03. I Gotta Getta
04. Male Model
05. Tearproof
06. Girls That Don't Talk
07. Jimmy Jimmy
08. Whizz Kids
09. More Songs About Chocolate And Girls
10. There Goes Norman
11. The Way Girls Talk
12. Hypnotised
13. Top Twenty
14. My Perfect Cousin
15. Get Over You

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gears - Whiskey, Hollywood 7-80

Let's hear it for the Gears!! Great band, great songs and one of those bands that existed during the transition period from when Punk to turned to Hardcore. They recorded one album and were filmed for The Decline Of Western Civilization but didn't make it in. This show was recorded from the audience and the quality is rough but, nevertheless, a fun listen.

01. Intro
02. Sweet Little Sixteen [Chuck Berry]
03. Don't Be Afaid To Pogo
04. Trudie
05. Elks Lodge Blues
06. Keep Movin'
07. I Smoke Dope
08. High School Girls
09. Rockin' At Ground Zero
10. Heartbeat Baby
11. Baby Runaround
12. The Last Chord
13. Teenage Brain
14. You Want Action

Adolescents - Rodney On The ROQ 1981

Here's the Adolescents on the Rodney On The ROQ radio show playing a demo they recorded and talking about the upcoming album they were recording. The four songs are demo versions which were only released a few years ago on The Complete Demos 1980-1986 album. This was recorded off the radio and the quality is good.

track list: [from cassette tape]
01. -interview segment-
02. Creatures
03. -interview segment-
04. Do The Eddy
05. Self Destruct
06. Ameoba

Agression - Rollerworks, Chatsworth CA 4-02-83

Here's some California Nardcore skatecore for those who desire it. This show was recorded through the soundboard and the quality is very good. Can anyone fill in the unknown song titles?

band info here:
more info here:

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. Intro Jam
02. Intense Energy
03. Brain Bondage
04. Secret Sex
05. Non Person
06. Locals Only
07. It Can Happen
08. Body Count
09. Money Machine
10. Dear John Letter
11. No Mercy
12. Don't Be Mistaken
13. S.A.T.C. [no power version]
14. S.A.T.C.

Subhumans - Marion Hotel, Winnipeg Canada 5-02-81

Here is a very nice show from Canada's Subhumans that was recorded through the soundboard and has all the hits plus a couple of songs that didn't get released back in the day. They quality is very good.

setlist [from cassette tape]
01. Firing Squad
02. Escalator To Hell
03. New Order
04. Out Of Line
05. Slave To My Dick
06. The Scheme
07. Model Of Stupidity
08. Greaser Boy
09. Urban Guerillas
10. 21st Century
11. Screwed Up [Menace]
12. Behind The Smile
13. Let's Go Down To Hollywood

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Adrenalin OD - Love Hall, Philadelphia 7-01-83

Here's another live show from Philadelphia. This was the first time I saw Adrenalin O.D. and they were great. This is recorded from the soundboard so the quality is pretty good. Can anyone help with the missing song titles?

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. Suburbia
02. title unknown
03. Brady Bunch
04. title unknown
05. Going To A Funeral
06. Old People Talk LOUD
07. title unknown
08. Mischief Night
09. Small Talk
10. Trans Am
11. title unknown
12. Corporate Disneyland
13. Status Symbol
14. title unknown
15. World War IV

Toxic Reasons - Love Hall, Philadelphia 3-27-83

Here's a Toxic Reasons show by request. Bruce Stuckey does the singing and they play many songs from their forthcoming album Killed By Remote Control. This show was the first time I saw Toxic Reasons and they were great! The show was recorded from the soundboard so the sound quality is very good. Since every show at Love Hall was filmed there is probably a video of this show out there somewhere.

setlist [from cassette tape]
01. Destroyer
02. Somebody Help Me
03. Mercenary
04. Limited Nuclear War
05. Killer
06. Looking At The World
07. White Noise
08. Jrs. Friends
09. Drunk And Disorderly
10. Riot Squad
11. Rally 'Round The Flag, Boys
12. Powercrazed
13. How Do You Feel
14. No Pity

Nuns - Live shows 1976-1978 part 3

The first show is from when they opened for the Sex Pistols. It's a soundboard recording and the quality is excellent. The seconds show is from their time hanging out in New York City. I'm not sure of the exact date but it is either the 9th or 10th according to the Max's ad from Village Voice. It was recorded from the audience so is raw but good.

@ Winterland, San Francisco 1-14-78
01. Lazy
02. Decadent Jew
03. World War III
04. Savage
05. Smoking Heroin
06. Search and Destroy
07. You Think You're The Best
08. Child Molester
09. Talk Talk
10. Getting Straight
11. Mental Masturbation
12. You Like To Bleed
13. Big Fat Chick
14. Suicide Child
15. Mental Masturbation

@ Max's Kansas City, NYC 8-78 [from cassette tape]
01. Lazy
02. Human Being [New York Dolls]
03. Decadent Jew
04. Media Control
05. Wild
06. Twenty-First Century
07. Smokin' Heroin
08. Savage
09. Child Molester
10. Confused
11. Suicide Child
12. Mental Masturbation

Nuns - Live shows 1976-1978 part 2

Here's two Nuns shows from 1977. The Winterland show is soundboard recordings and sound great. The Mabuhay show was recorded from the audience and is a bit rough but listenable. It's also from a bootleg record. Three songs from this show were officially released on the Nuns first and third singles. Between these shows there is enough unreleased songs for a second album.

@ Winterland, San Francisco 7-30-77
01. Lazy
02. Decadent Jew
03. World War III
04. Savage
05. Media Control
06. Hey Little Rich Thing
07. Cock In My Pocket [Stooges]
08. Twenty-First Century
09. You Think You're The Best
10. Confused
11. Mental Masturbation
12. Suicide Child

@ Mabuhay Gardens, SF 1977
01). Media Control
02). Big Fat Chick
03). Savage
04). title unknown
05). 14 Year Old Lover
06). Gimme Danger [Stooges]
07). Suicide Child (1st single)
08). Smokin' Heroin
09). Cock In My Pocket [Stooges] (3rd single)
10). Human Being [New York Dolls]
11). Confused
12). Gettin' Straight
13). Decadent Jew (1st single)
14). No Solution
15). Death And Destruction
16). Child Molester
17). Mental Masturbation

Nuns - Live shows 1976-1978 part 1

Someone a while ago requested some Nuns live shows so here is one from 1976 Los Angeles. I've had this on tape for a long time and the person I got it from squeezed it on the end of the tape. Unfortunately, the whole show did not fit and I've never been able to track down the complete show. It's an audience recording but the quality is listenable and there is three unreleased songs on it.

@Whiskey, Hollywood 1976 [from cassette tape]
01. Decadent Jew
02. WW III
03. Savage
04. Media Control
05. Twenty-First Century
06. Child Molester
07. You Think You're the Best
08. Confused
09. Mental Masturbation
10. Suicide Child
11. Smokin' Heroin (cuts)

Fatal Existence - Demo's 1983-1984 cd-r

I've been planning to upload the demos from my band Fatal Existence at some point but  someone on another blog has done it. So, if you are interested go here:

Friday, January 14, 2011

Die Kreuzen - La Casa de la Raza, Santa Barbara CA 10-06-84

Here's a soundboard recording of Die Kreuzen in California for those of you who prefer your Punk to be played in that 1980s American Hardcore style. Sound quality is very good

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. No Name
02. Get 'em
03. On The Street
04. Imagine A Light
05. Fighting
06. It's Been So Long
07. Dirt And Decay
08. Hate Me
09. Pain
10. Rumors
11. I'm Tired
12. Uncontrolled Passion
13. Conditioned
14. Sick People
15. Don't Say Please
16. All White
17. This Hope + Live Wire
18. Open Lines
19. Think For Me

Avengers/Sex Pistols @ Winterland, San Francisco 1-14-78

On January 14th 1978 a historic gig in Punk history happened. It was the last one played by the Sex Pistols (until the re-union, of course). The opening bands that night were The Avengers set has a great version of End Of The World which they did not record in the studio before splitting up in 1979. Three songs from the Sex Pistols set have been officially released at one time or another. These are soundboard recordings and the sound quality is excellent.

Avengers setlist:
01. The American In Me
02. Desperation
03. Paint It Black [Rolling Stones]
04. Friends Of Mine
05. Open Your Eyes
06. No Martyr
07. Teenage Rebel
08. Crazy Homicide
09. End Of The World
10. Summer Of Hate
11. We Are The One
12. I Believe In Me
13. Car Crash

Sex Pistols setlist:
01. God Save The Queen
02. I Wanna Be Me
03. Seventeen
04. New York
05. EMI
06. Belsen Was A Gas
07. Bodies
08. Holidays In The Sun
09. Liar
10. No Feelings
11. Problems
12. Pretty Vacant
13. Anarchy In The UK
14. No Fun [Stooges]

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Peter Dayton Band - WBCN, Boston 1980

Most of you will know who La Peste are. Between 1977 and 1979 they were one of the top Punk bands in Boston and released one classic single. In 1979 their singer/guitarist Peter Dayton left the band to pursue a solo career. With that move came a change in musical style to a more New Wave/Pop sound. In 1981 he released his only solo record - a four song 12" ep produced by Ric Ocasek of The Cars - and had two song on the Sharp Cuts compilation LP. Here's a live radio broadcast from 1980. It's interesting to see that he plays one La Peste song - Hold On To Love - in the set. The sound quality is great.

some info here:

01. Here Comes The Music
02. The Road
03. Hold On To Love
04. Stuck on the Same Refrain
05. Girl Watcher
06. Close Encounter
07. -interview-
08. Girl with the Blue Eyes
09. Perfect Wave

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Effigies - Oz, Chicago 4-10-81

The Effigies were one of Chicago's finest Punk bands back in the day and this live show was recorded at Chicago's legendary Punk clubs. It's recorded off the soundboard and is great quality. You've never heard The Effigies sound so raw. There are a couple song titles I don't know. Can anyone help?

01. Body Bag
02. Coarse in Vein
03. Guns Or Ballots
04. Quota
05. Strongbox
06. Techno's Gone
07. Below The Drop
08. Patternless

Monday, January 10, 2011

Pure Hell - WFMU, East Orange NJ 10-16-10

I'm sure everyone is familiar with Pure Hell by now. They released one single in England in 1978. A few years ago their unreleased recordings were unearthed and released on a CD titled Noise Addiction. Since the release of the CD three original members of the band are back together and are playing shows again. here is one recent radio broadcast. There are two songs on this show that are not on the CD. Excellent quality.

01. Noise Addiction
02. Hell Is For Heroes
03. I Feel Bad
04. Girl With The Hungry Eyes
05. Dead Girl
06. These Boots Are Made For Walking
07. Hard Action
08. No Rules
09. -interview-

Sunday, January 9, 2011

old tape trade list

 Found this in the bottom of a box. It's not my list and I don't remember who it was from but it could give an idea of what was/is out there in tape trade land. Most of the stuff on it I never had. Some good stuff, too. The list is from around 1985.

Johnny Rotten and The Sex Pistols Magazine; Issue 1; 1978; USA

Back in the Spring of 1978 I finally got around to buying the Sex Pistols album.  For half a year I'd been reading about the band in the music magazines. And, all the magazines were writing about them. It took a few listens until I was completely hooked. Before that I was listening to Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Black Sabbath, UFO, etc. After becoming hooked on the music I wanted to know everything about the Sex Pistols and Punk Rock. Not too far from where I lived there was a farmer's market and there was a guy there who sold second hand magazines for very cheap. Whenever I had some money I would go there to see what I could find. One magazine I bought there was this Johnny Rotten and The Sex Pistols magazine for only 35 cents. Unfortunately, all the used magazines I got there had the title of the
magazine cut off. This was one of my favorite magazines at the time because it had many photos of the band in it as well as some text. Some of the photos I cut out and hung on the walls of my room. Eventually everything got put back in the magazine but a couple pages have been lost over the years. It's an interesting curiosity now but I think most of the photos are easily found today. It is still a fun read.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mean Streets - demos 2007-2008

Here is a new band from Philadelphia that deserve your attention. If you like the Professionals and the early Clash I think you will enjoy this. Here are their first two demos from a few years back. They have two singles released and have just finished recording a CD which, hopefully, will be out soon.

info here:
more info here:

1st Demo (2007)
01. About You
02. Hold Strong
03. On My Own
04. A Better Way
05. Kamikaze

2nd Demo (2008)
01. About You
02. Held Down
03. That Day
04. Nineteen

Fabians - Max's, NYC 6-25-81

The Fabians I know nothing about except one band member was in a band called The Maids who released a highly sought after KBD single with the song "Back To Bataan." This show was recorded off the soundboard and sounds great. Anyone have anymore info?

01. Freudian Girls
02. Back To Bataan
03. She’s A Boy
04. Affairs Of The Heart
05. Name In Lights
06. Next Time
07. Walking Out
08. Taking A Long Time
09. It’s Only Time
10. Take A Vacation

Sex Pistols magazine articles

 Here are two magazine articles about the Sex Pistols. The first one was printed in the January 16, 1978 issue of Time Magazine. The other one was printed in a 1980 issue of High Times magazine and is about their film D.O.A. - A Rite of Passage.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Video Alert -- Slits, Damned, Subway Sect, The Clash - 1977 - Live in Brighton

For anyone who missed this and likes their '77 Punk in video format have a look here:

The Clash, Subway Sect and Slits parts were recorded at Sussex University Brighton England on May 25, 1977 on a show during the White Riot Tour. The Damned and Adverts parts were recorded at the same venue on June 15, 1977.

More info here:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Flesh Eaters - Live shows 1982

 Here's two lives shows by The Flesh Eaters from 1982. The first one is from their US Tour and was recorded from the soundboard. The second is from a Los Angeles radio show. The quality on both is very good.

@ Clutch Cargo's, Detroit 7-17-82 [from cassette tape]
01). Home Of The Brave
02). Pretty Sweat
03). Hand Of Glory
04). A Minute To Pray A Second To Die
05). Pony Dress
06). Tightrope On Fire
07). Eyes Without A Face
08). Every Time I Call Your Name
09). River Of Fever
10). Buried Treasure
11). The Wedding Dice

@ KPFK, Los Angeles CA 12-03-82 [from cassette tape]
01). Eyes Without A Face
02). My Life to Live
03). Digging My Grave
04). Home Of The Brave
05). Buried Treasures
06). Take What I Want
07). See You In The Boneyard
08). Secret Life
09). Life's a Dirty Rat
10). Hard Road To Follow
11). The Wedding Dice
12). Poison Arrow Flame
13). Pony Dress
14). Pretty Sweat

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Musician magazine; Issue 34; July 1981

Musician magazine wasn't much of a magazine to read for Punk Rock. However, when Los Angeles Punk in 1981 became raw and controversial and was being talked about they printed an article about what was going on. This issue has a few other things that might be of interest to Punks.

In this issue:
-article on IRS Records
-article on Dave Edmunds
-short articles on Adam & The Ants, Ventures, U2
-Music and Violence Under The Palm Trees; article on L.A. Punk
-Record reviews - Dave Edmunds, Public Image Ltd.,
-Short Takes - Devo, Plastics, Cramps, Vapors, John Cale, Tuxedo Moon, Killing Joke

Monday, January 3, 2011

Adverts - Top Rank, Sheffield 8-19-79

This one is upped by request. I love the Adverts so certainly don't mind posting this for everyone that wants it. This show is especially interesting for two reasons. One is that they play most of the songs from the second album and the songs from the first album they play have the addition of keyboards. So, can you imagine what Gary Gilmore's Eyes sounds like with keyboards? It is a little different but I like it. The second reason is that there is no guitarist at all on this show. They play with just bass, drums, keyboards, vocals. I don't think you'll hear the Adverts sound like this anywhere else. Still sounds like a good show. It was recorded from the audience so sounds not perfect but surely worth a listen just to hear these songs in a slightly different way.

01. The Adverts
02. Back From The Dead
03. Male Assault
04. Fate Of Criminals
05. I Looked At The Sun
06. Television's Over
07. I Surrender
08. Bombsite Boy
09. New Church
10. Love Songs
11. Gary Gilmore's Eyes
12. No Time To Be 21
13. My Place
14. Cast Of Thousands
15. I Will Walk You Home
16. One Chord Wonders
17. The Adverts

Adverts - Live shows 1978

Here's three live Adverts shows from 1978. These shows are interesting because they are playing six new songs written after the first album, some of which would, in slightly different versions, end up on the second album. These were all recorded from the audience so the sound is raw. The Marquee has the best sound of the three despite some serious tape hiss.

@ The Star, Croydon 2-26-78
01. One Chord Wonders
02. Safety In Numbers
03. Bored Teenagers
04. Male Assault
05. Quickstep
06. Bombsite Boy
07. On The Roof
08. New Day Dawning
09. On Wheels
10. New Boys
11. New Church
12. Gary Gilmore's Eyes
13. Drowning Men
14. No Time To Be 21

@ Maidstone Art College, Kent 6-30-78
01. Fate Of Criminals
02. Gary Gilmore's Eyes
03. Drowning Men
04. Bombsite Boy
05. Television's Over
06. Male Assault
07. We Who Wait
08. New Boys
09. On Wheels
10. Safety In Numbers
11. Back From The Dead
12. Love Songs
13. Bored Teenagers
14. No Time To Be 21

@ Marquee, London 7-27-78 [from cassette tape]
01. Fate Of Criminals
02. Gary Gilmore's Eyes
03. Drowning Men
04. Bombsite Boy
05. Television's Over
06. Male Assault
07. New Church
08. We Who Wait
09. New Boys
10. On Wheels
11. I Surrender
12. Back From The Dead
13. Love Songs
14. Safety In Numbers
15. Bored Teenagers
16. No Time To Be 21
17. One Chord Wonders
18. The Great British Mistake

Sunday, January 2, 2011

V.A. Die Young Stay Pretty comp. tape (1984)

Here's another early 1980s hardcore compilation with bands from all over the world. My old band, Fatal Existence, also has two tracks on this one. I downloaded this off of soulseek a few years ago but before that I'd never heard of it. I don't know what country its from or who released it. Whoever did it never sent my band a copy. Does anyone have that information? It would be great to know. It is cool that we were included on it with all those other great bands. When my band released our tape we sent it to many people and 'zines all over the world.

track list:
01. Dead Virgins - Rape Capitol Hill
02. Vicious Circle - Public Minister
03. Rattus - Ei vihnaa, ei kateutta
04. Skjit-Lars - Ein skigard
05. Bloody Riot - C.I.S.
06. SWA - Anarki
07. Fatal Existence - Alienated
08. Perdition - I`m Laughing (At You)
09. Civil Dissident - The $ Buck Stops Here
10. Diet of Worms - Wild Thing (live)
11. Skjit-Lars - Æ vil spy på verden
12. Chronic Disorder - The Final Line
13. End Result - I Won`t
14. Bleah - Live at Hunstadsentret
15. Rattus - Viinaa suonissa, kusta päässä
16. Civil Dissident - Exhibition A-An Ego Trip
17. Bristles - Don`t Fall In Love
18. Bleah - Live at Gimle
19. Rattus - Whole Lotta Rosie
20. Fatal Existence - We Don`t Want It
21. X -  (live)
22. Skjit-Lars - Alt går til helvete
23. Blå-s - Lillegutt
24. SWA - De Control
25. Civil Dissident - Tell me the Solution
26. Mental Crisis - Names Don`t Matter
27. Diet of Worms - Happy and Dumb
28. Diet of Worms - I Was A Poser
29. Dead Virgins - World War Three
30. Bloody Riot - Naia de merda
31. Chronic Disorder - Blood and Honor

Saturday, January 1, 2011

V.A. Meet Cafe Tape Compilation (1983)

Like a lot of kids in the early 1980s, I was also in a band. That band was called Fatal Existence. The band only lasted from June 1983 to April 1984 and in that time we recorded one tape, which was released in September 1983, and played two shows. A few songs from our tape were used by the Vancouver Canada fanzine Meet Cafe on a comp. tape that they released at the end of 1983. Except for two U.S. bands all the bands are from Canada.

track list:
01. Fatal Existence - Oppressive Police
02. Fatal Existence - A Living Hell
03. Red Tide - Cruise Missle
04. Red Tide - Tomatarama
05. Red Tide - Reagan Sucks
06. Dead End - Sheep Don't Care
07. Dead End - World So Shit
08. Mere Mortals - Liquid Laugh
09. Mere Mortals - DO 2079
10. Bill Of Rights - Drunk Government
11. Immoral Minority - Practice What You Preach
12. Immoral Minority - Madagascar
13. Silent Minority - Jazz Drums
14. Silent Minority - What Is Freedom
15. Polkaholics - Zap The Universe
16. Hates - Also Watched
17. Hates - Punk 1301
18. Hates - No Talk
19. Fatal Existence - Alienated
20. Fatal Existence - Grand Ol' Flag
21. Mere Mortals - Death's Door
22. Mere Mortals - Normal
23. Immoral Minority - They're Cowards
24. Immoral Minority - Die Democratic