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Monday, June 6, 2011

Pigs - 1977/2009 /2010

These Pigs were from Bristol England and released one of the best Punk records ever in 1977 before disappearing into the mists of time. As it turns out the band recorded a full album of songs that went unreleased until recently. They've also been playing some reunion gigs around England in the last couple years. Both live shows here I copied off of videos that have been posted on YouTube. Both shows are recorded from the audience and have good sound quality. They also have a newly recorded album out now.

Myspace page here:
Thunderbolt show here:
Rebellion Fest here:
new album samples here:

1977 (2010)
01. Psychopath
02. Youthanasia
03. Ran Me In
04. National Front
05. They Say
06. Exploitation
07. General Election
08. Nuclear Disarmament
09. Personality Change
10. Give It Ball
11. They Shoot Horses Don't They [Race Cars]

@ Thunderbolt, Bristol England 9-12-09
01. Youthanasia
02. They Say
03. National Front
04. Psychopath

@ Rebellion Festival, Blackpool 8-10
01. Youthanasia
02. They Say
03. Give It Ball
04. Ran Me In
05. They Shoot Horses Don't They [Racing Cars]