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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Johnny Moped - Brixton Ace, London 3-24-83

Here's a good audience recording from Johnny Moped.  There's one song in this show that was new at the time and has never been released. It's about the fox hunters. I don't know a title for it.

01. VD Boiler
02. Somethin' Else [Eddie Cochran]
03. Hell Razor
04. Make Trouble
05. Save The Baby Seals
06. Maniac
07. Musical Bore
08. Fuck Off Fox Hunters
09. Little Queenie [Chuck Berry]
10. Incendiary Device
11. Hard Lovin' Man

White Cats - Demo 1978

Does anyone know what this is? I had this on cassette tape in the 1980s as a White Cats 1978 demo. I got this copy today marked as Rat Scabies 1979 demo. Anyone got the story? There is a lot of tape hiss on this one. I removed as much as I could but plenty remains. Sound quality is good.

track list:
01. The Boiler
02. title unknown