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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

White Cats - Demo 1978

Does anyone know what this is? I had this on cassette tape in the 1980s as a White Cats 1978 demo. I got this copy today marked as Rat Scabies 1979 demo. Anyone got the story? There is a lot of tape hiss on this one. I removed as much as I could but plenty remains. Sound quality is good.

track list:
01. The Boiler
02. title unknown


  1. Some information!!!

    The first copy you got had the right information it is the White Cats demo tape from 1978, and it does have Rat Scabies in it! This is NOT Rat Scabies solo career and the White Cats did not exist in 1979. The White Cats were an unsuccessful band that only existed from January to August in 1978, so only for the first eight months of the year. They did not get a record deal at all! The only thing officially played at that time by them was two Peel Session from April 3, 1978 and August 25, 1978. They are circulating on YouTube, as well as a decent quality 30 minute live (audio only) performance from August 2 1978.


    Eddie Cox - Guitar
    Kelvin Blacklock - Vocals
    Steve Turner - Bass
    Rat Scabies (Chris Millar) - Drums

    Hope that helps.

  2. the other demo is Rats and Dogs, according to this site...

  3. Thiago, According to that site the dude made up that song title just to have a title.

  4. How do you figure Rats And Dogs is a made up song title for the 2nd track? I'm confused, I saw it just now and I believe it sounds like a good name for it.


    "Tracks 1 & 2 - demos by Whitecats (no idea what the actual titles are, track 1's a best guess and I made up a title for track 2, which is a drum-based instrumental)"

  6. Oh. I can see now. Albeit that track 2 has a fake title made up by the compiler itself, I guess we will for now call it Rats And Dogs until we get the correct title.

  7. yeah, we may never have the actual title....the first time I downloaded it, it was under the name of "drums drums drums"...there's no information about it....maybe we could ask Rat.

  8. Here's another link you might wanna read.