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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mean Streets - demos 2007-2008

Here is a new band from Philadelphia that deserve your attention. If you like the Professionals and the early Clash I think you will enjoy this. Here are their first two demos from a few years back. They have two singles released and have just finished recording a CD which, hopefully, will be out soon.

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1st Demo (2007)
01. About You
02. Hold Strong
03. On My Own
04. A Better Way
05. Kamikaze

2nd Demo (2008)
01. About You
02. Held Down
03. That Day
04. Nineteen

Fabians - Max's, NYC 6-25-81

The Fabians I know nothing about except one band member was in a band called The Maids who released a highly sought after KBD single with the song "Back To Bataan." This show was recorded off the soundboard and sounds great. Anyone have anymore info?

01. Freudian Girls
02. Back To Bataan
03. She’s A Boy
04. Affairs Of The Heart
05. Name In Lights
06. Next Time
07. Walking Out
08. Taking A Long Time
09. It’s Only Time
10. Take A Vacation

Sex Pistols magazine articles

 Here are two magazine articles about the Sex Pistols. The first one was printed in the January 16, 1978 issue of Time Magazine. The other one was printed in a 1980 issue of High Times magazine and is about their film D.O.A. - A Rite of Passage.