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Friday, November 26, 2010

Teardrop Explodes - Left Bank, Mt Vernon NY 3-07-81

Teardrop Explodes were from Liverpool England and began life in 1979 and are the band that delivered Julian Cope to the world. Between 1979 and 1983 they released 2 albums and 11 singles. This show captures them live before the second album and features Troy Tate on guitar who had previously been in the Punk bands Index (released one single in 1979) and Shake (with 3 former members of The Rezillos). This is a radio broadcast and is very good quality. From cassette tape.

more info here:
Troy Tate interview here:
Index single here:
Shake ep here:

01. title unknown
02. Reward
03. Thief Of Bagdad
04. Sleeping Gas
05. Passionate Friends
06. Suffocate
08. Ha Ha I'm Drowning
09. Treason
10. Screaming Secrets
11. The Great Dominions