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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Vex - Demo, 12" ep + Live shows

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Vex were from London and were apart of the Anarcho-Punk scene in the early 1980s. Their music was more influenced, though, by Killing Joke than Crass. They released one 12" ep on the fightback label in 1985 and had one song on the We don't Want Your fucking Law compilation LP (available here: which was also released on fightback in 1985. That song, rushing to Hide, is available here as a bonus on the 12" ep. The demo and the live shows all have unreleased tracks. Both live shows are very good audience recordings with the Electric Ballroom show being the better of the two.

Demo 1983:
01. It's No Crime
02. Pain
03. Pressure

Sanctuary ep  1985:
01. Sanctuary
02. It's No Crime
03. World In Action
04. Relative Sadness
05. Rushing to Hide [bonus]

Norwich England 7-22-83:
01. Pain
02. Passion
03. Sanctuary
04. title unknown
05. World In Action
06. 20th Century Boy [T-Rex]

Electric Ballroom, London 3-03-84:
01. Pain
02. Shadow Of Beauty
03. World In Action
04. Pressure
05. Relative Sadness
06. It's No Crime