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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weirdos - WFMU, East Orange NJ 7-22-04

Here's an excellent recording of everyone's favorite Los Angeles Punk legends.

01. Fort USA
02. Neutron Bomb
03. Terrain            
04. 7 + 7 Is
05. Tropical Depression
06. Shining Silver Light
07. What Will You Do
08. The Hideout
09. Cyclops Helicopter
10. Solitary Confinement
11. Her            
12. Fatback
13. It Means Nothing
14. Happy People
15. Jungle Rock
16. Pagan
17. Message From The Underworld
18. Destroy All Music
19. Helium Bar

Monday, January 30, 2012

King Mob - Janice Long Show, BBC 10-20-11

King Mob is a new supergroup made up of Snips - vocals, Chris Spedding - Guitar, Glen Matlock - bass and Martin Chambers - drums. Here Snips and Glen Matlock are being interviewed about the group.

Video here:

track list:
01. -interview-
02. American Slaves
03. -interview-
04. China Waters [spoken word]
05. China Waters

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mudd Helmüt - Demos 1988

Mudd Helmüt were from Richmond Virginia and were around from the late 1980s to 1992. They never released any records but they did record some demos. If you like Stooges, Alice Cooper and Misfits you might like this.  Sound quality is very good.

See previous post for more:

track list:
01. 12oz (Closer To God)
02. Wired
03. 5 Stories High
04. The Law
05. You Won't Be Here Tomorrow
06. Muddy's Boys
07. Ripped By Jack
08. Fed Up
09. Sperm Bank Donor
10. Suck My Dick
11. Under My Wheels [Alice Cooper]
12. Little Devil
13. Between The Lines
14. Give Me Sensation
15. Nut House
16. Something's Gotta Give
17. The American Bison

"Forgotten Philadelphia: The Punk-Centric Better Youth Organization" (1982)

Here's an interesting article about Hardcore Punk in Philadelphia c. 1982.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Skids - John Peel Session 8-29-78

Excellent sound quality. My copy is missing one song. 

track list:
01. Dossier Of Fallibility
02. The Saints Are Coming
03. Hope And Glory

Popticians - John Peel Session 7-20-83

This band combines Punk, Pop, free-form Jazz, No Wave and humor to create a unique and fund sound. Sound quality is excellent. To tracks from this session were officially released on the bands only single in 1983.

Discography here:
Video here:
And here:

track list:
01. Mobile Home
02. Hello Everybody (My Glasses)
03. Brown Paper Bag
04. Spare Pear (Song About Losing Your Glasses)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Misfits - Max's Kansas City, NYC 12-20-78

Here's an early set by everyone's favorite horror Punk band. Audience recording. Good sound quality.

01. Bullet
02. Where Eagles Dare
03. Who Killed Marilyn
04. Horror Business
05. Static Age
06. TV Casualty
07. Hollywood Babylon
08. Teenagers From Mars
09. Children in Heat
10. Attitude
11. Blue Christmas
12. We Are 138

Friday, January 20, 2012

Jim Jones Revue - WFMU, East Orange NJ 7-24-10

 Jim Jones used to be a member of Thee Hypnotics back in the late 1980s/early 1990s. Here is his new band. They sound more like Little Richard and Chuck Berry than Stooges and MC5 but still very good. Sound Quality is very good.

01. Hey Hey Hey Hey
02. Rock'n' Roll Psychosis
03. Another Daze
04. Cement Mixer
05. Who's Got Mine
06. 512
07. Fish 2 Fry
08. Big Hunk of Love
09. Princess and the Frog
10. -interview-

Blood Money - Metalyzed demo (1985)

Here's one of my favorite NWOBHM bands. They were from Manchester England and existed from 1984 to 1988. They released two albums in 1986 and 1987. The vocals remind me of Glen Danzig and Dave Vanian  - no high falsetto singing or over the top guitar wanking. Four good high energy songs. Sound quality is very good.

Some info here:
And here:

track list:
01. I Was Wrong
02. Salamander
03. Sins Of The World
04. Metalyzed

Taxi Girl - Cannes France 1982

This one is upped by request. I don't know much about Taxi Girl except they were from France and Jean Jacques Burnel of the Stranglers produced a couple of their albums. They were around from 1979 to 1986 and have quite a few releases. This is an audience recording and the sound quality is good.

Discography here:
Info (in French) here:

01. All Tomorrow's Parties [Velvet Underground]
02. Mannequin
03. La femme écarlate
04. Musée Tong
05. N'importe quel soir
06. Cherchez le garçon

S.O.A. - 930 Club, Washington DC 1-10-81

Here's another rough and raw audience recording from another legendary Washington D.C. band. According to their gigography this was their 5th out of 11 gigs they played. Minor Threat, Black Market Baby and Untouchables also played.

S.O.A. gigography here:

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. Gonna Have To Fight
02. Riot
03. I Hate The Kids
04. Gang Fight
05. Public Defender
06. Draw Blank
07. Disease [UK Subs]
08. Warzone
09. Gate Crashers
10. Steppin' Stone [Monkees]

Faith - Space II Arcade, Washington DC 7-20-83

Here's the legendary Washington D.C. band captured live during the summer of 1983 and playing many of the songs from their Subject To Change LP. It was recorded from the audience and the sound quality is raw but listenable.

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. It's Time
02. Don't Tell Me
03. What Do You Think
04. Subject To Change
05. Limitations
06. Say No More
07. No Choice
08. Aware
09. You're X'd
10. More Of The Same

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Corpse Grinders - CBGB, NYC 1978

Corpse Grinders are a famous New York City band that featured Rick Rivits who was a member of the New York Dolls before they were called the New York Dolls and Arthur Kane who was a member of the New York Dolls and played on their two classic albums. The Corpse Grinders were only around for little more than a year and released one classic single. In the early 1980s they reformed and recorded two weak albums before disappearing and in 2001 an LP of demos and live tracks was also released. These two live recordings from 1978 will give you an idea of what a Corpse Grinders album would have sounded like in 1978 had they released one. Arthur Kane plays bass only on the first show. They are both audience recordings and the sound quality is good.

@ CBGB, NYC 5-06-78 (Johnny Blitz Benefit)
01. Diamond Head [Ventures]
02. I Don't Need It
03. Pretty Baby
04. Bury The Past
05. Valley Of Fear
06. Frozen Alive
07. Don't Know Why
08. Rites For Whites

@ CBGB, NYC 9-17-78
01. Frozen Alive
02. Crying In My Beer
03. City Rocker
04. Mental Morons
05. Basket Case
06. Rites 4 Whites
07. Train Kept A Rollin' [Johnny Burnette]

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Another List!

 Has anyone out there got any of these shows? I found these on this website:  I emailed the guy a few months ago but he hasn't gotten back to me. There are some interesting shows here I'd like to hear especially Eye Protection.

Agent Orange - Paradise, Boston 6/17/82
Avengers - The Masque, Los Angeles 1/07/78
Avengers - Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco 8/22/78
B-52's - 05/28/78  Max's Kansas City, New York, NY
Bad Religion - 07/02/82  The Barn, Torrance, CA
Battallion Of Saints - 07/01/82  Fairmont Hall, San Diego
Big Boys - 09/23/83  Lansburgh's Cultural Center, Washington, DC
Black Flag - 03/01/80  North Park Lions Club, San Diego
Black Flag - 11/18/80  Starwood, West Hollywood
Black Flag - 02/11/81  Stardust Ballroom, Hollywood, CA
Black Flag - 03/22/81  Club Doobee, Lansing, MI
Black Flag - 06/19/81  Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA
Boys Life - 12/13/82  Emerson College, Boston
Bush Tetras - 12/31/81  Clutch Cargo's, Detroit
Crisis - 02/09/79  Harrow Technical College, Middlesex, United KingdomDag Nasty - 06/??/85  WMCU-FM Studio, College Park, MD
Damned - 07/24/89  I-Beam, San Francisco
Dead Kennedys - 12/31/78  The Masque, Los Angeles
Destroy All Monsters - 06/12/77  Second Chance, Ann Arbor, MIDestroy All Monsters - 01/04/79  Second Chance, Ann Arbor, MI
Destroy All Monsters - 05/04/79  Phase III, Pittsburgh, PA
Dictators - 04/29/77  CBGB's, New York
Dictators - 05/12/77  unknown venue, Hammond, IN
Dictators - 06/07/77  WCMF-FM, Rochester, NY
Dictators - 02/07/81  Irving Plaza, New York
D.O.A. - 01/21/83  City Club, Detroit
D.O.A. - 06/24/83  Longshoremen's Hall, Wilmington, CA
Eye Protection - 10/17/81  Mabuhay Gardens, San FranciscoFluid - 04/03/89  Simplon, Groningen
Fluid - 04/13/89  Stairways, Hamburg, Germany
Fluid - 05/22/90  Khyber Pass Pub, Philadelphia, PA
Fluid - 05/28/92  University of California, Los Angeles
45 Grave - 10/10/84  Paycheck's Lounge, Hamtramck, MI
Freeze - 08/22/81  Gallery East, Boston
Freeze - 11/29/81  Media Workshop, Boston
Freeze - 12/13/81  Media Workshop, Boston
Gang Green - 04/15/88  Studio C, WERS, Boston
Handsome Dick Manitoba - 12/31/89  Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ
Jerry's Kids - 11/29/81  Media Workshop, Boston
JFA - 04/21/84  On Broadway, San Francisco
JFA - 08/16/84  Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco
Kleenex / Liliput - ??/??/78  Club Hey, Zurich, Switzerland
Kleenex / Liliput - 05/10/79  Acklam Town Hall, London
La Peste - ??/??/79  unknown venue, Boston, MA
La Peste - ??/??/79  Electro-acoustic Studios, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Lewd - 03/12/82  Ukrainian Culture Center, Los Angeles
Loop - 05/03/87  Black Horse, London
Loop - 12/12/87  School Of Economics, London
Loop - 05/12/88  West Indian Club, Southampton
Loop - 07/15/88  Fulham Greyhound, London
Loop - 11/24/88  Liverpool Polytechnic, Liverpool
Loop - 11/25/88  Manchester University, Manchester
Loop - 03/22/89  Barbue, Copenhagen, Denmark
Loop - 04/02/89  Rose Club, Cologne
Loop - 04/17/90  Tivoli, Utrecht
Loop - 04/19/90  Nighttown, Rotterdam
Loop - 04/30/90  Majestic Theatre, Detroit
Meatmen - 01/28/84  Wilson Center, Washington, DC
Minor Threat - 01/09/81  DC Space, Washington, DC
Minor Threat - 08/03/81  O'Banion's, Chicago
Minor Threat - 10/01/82  Colony Ballroom, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
Minor Threat - 09/23/83  Lansburgh Cultural Center, Washington, DC
Neats - 08/02/80  Downtown Lounge, Portland, ME
Necessaries - 09/19/81  Bookie's Club 870, Detroit, MI
Necros - 08/03/81  O'Banion's, Chicago
Nervous Eaters - 07/10/77  The Club, Cambridge, MA
New York Dolls - 06/??/74  The Yellow Balloon, Syracuse, NY
New York Dolls - 09/25/76  Max's Kansas City, New York
999 - 11/16/81  Second Chance, Ann Arbor
No Alternative - 12/09/06  Annies Social Club, San Francisco
100 Flowers - 02/12/82  Cathay de Grande, Hollywood
Orchids - 09/01/80  Starwood, Los Angeles
Pere Ubu - 06/09/77  Pirate's Cove, Cleveland
Plasmatics - 02/05/81  Radio Bremen Studios, Bremen, Germany
Proletariat - 12/06/82  Emerson College, Boston
Proletariat - 02/24/83  The Joint, Brandes University, Waltham, MA

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bristles - WFMU, East Orange NJ 11-20-08

Here's a more recent American Punk band that I know nothing about. Excellent sound quality.

01. Destroyed 4AM
02. Flip Your World
03. Shock Collared
04. American Dream
05. General Annihilation
06. I Hate Society
07. Kill The President
08. Attitude Problem
09. Bomb Tonight

Vic Godard & The Subway Sect - Marc Riley Session 2-26-09

Here's an old Punker playing some of his latest composition. Sound quality is excellent.

track list:
01. Life In The Distance
02. Best Album
03. Take Over

Spear of Destiny - Kid Jensen Session 1-08-84

I don't know for which dj this session was recorded for. Excellent sound quality.

track list:
01. The Liberator
02. Rainmaker
03. Young Man

Gymslips - John Peel Session 5-12-82

Excellent sound quality.

track list:
01. Big Sister
02. Erika (With A K)
03. Renees
04. 48 Crash [Suzi Quatro]

Monday, January 9, 2012

Cravats - John Peel Session 8-10-81

I don't know much about the Cravats but here is a session they recorded for John Peel. Sound quality is excellent.

track list:
01. Ice Cubists
02. Rub Me Out
03. Terminus
04. Firemen

Vapors - John Peel Session 7-04-79

Here's the Vapors for John Peel. The version of their hit song here is much rougher and more interesting to hear than the officially released version. The other songs are great as well. Excellent sound quality. 

track list:
01. Cold War
02. Trains
03. Turning Japanese
04. Waiting For The Weekend

Carpettes - John Peel Session 7-12-78

Excellent sound quality. 

track list:
01. I Don't Mean It
02. Indo-China
03. Reach The Bottom
04. Away From It All

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tuff Darts - WFMU, East Orange NJ 2-12-09

Here's New York's Tuff Darts from a few years back when they were doing some re-union shows playing their classics and then some. This is a radio broadcast and the sound quality is very good.

01. Here Comes Trouble
02. Rats
03. She's In Dead
04. Head Over Heals
05. Businessman
06. Good Man Down
07. Love and Trouble
08. Nuclear Waste
09. Phone Booth Man
10. Noise
11. I Missed You Today
12. Fun City
13. All For The Love Of Rock N Roll

Weirdos - Whiskey, Hollywood CA 4-24-81

This is an audience recording and the sound quality is not very good. The recording is very distorted so this might only be of interest to diehard fans of the band. There are a few songs I do not recognize. Can anyone put song titles to them.

01. It Means Nothing
02. title unknown
03. Message From The Underworld
04. title unknown
05. Solitary Confinement
06. title unknown
07. title unknown
08. title unknown
09. Helium Bar
10. We Got The Neutron Bomb

Monday, January 2, 2012

T.S.O.L. - Los Angeles CA 1982

Here's two T.S.O.L. shows to start off the new year. I have two sources for the Whiskey show, though, neither is the complete show. As usual the audience recording has good sound quality and the soundboard recording is very good. The T-Bird show is an audience recording. During the show there were numerous power failures so the recording is choppy. The sound quality is good. On the T-Bird show they have added the keyboard player but it's not possible to hear much of him so you'll get to hear all the Beneath The Shadows with minimal keyboard.

@ Whiskey A-Go-Go, Hollywood CA 7-04-82
-Audience Source:
01. Superficial Love
02. Property Is Theft
03. Sounds Of Laughter
04. Dance With Me
05. I'm Tired Of Life
06. Love Story
07. Word Is
08. Die For Me
09. Man And Machine
10. Thoughts Of Yesterday
11. The Triangle
12. 80 Times
13. World War III
14. Code Blue

-Soundboard Source:
15. Abolish Government/Silent Majority
16. Property Is Theft
17. Sounds Of Laughter
18. Dance With Me
19. I'm Tired Of Life
20. Love Story
21. Funeral March

@ T-Bird Rollerdrome, Pico Rivera CA 11-20-82
01. Dance With Me
02. Waiting For You
03. Love Story
04. Word Is
05. Triangle
06. She'll Be Saying
07. Thoughts Of Yesterday
08. Man And Machine
09. Abolish Government-Silent Majority
10. Beneath The Shadows
11. The Other Side
12. Weathered Statues
13. Silent Scream
14. World War III
15. Funeral March
16. 80 Times
17. Wash Away
18. Die For Me
19. I'm Tired Of Living
20. Superficial Love