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Friday, October 1, 2010

V.A. Northern Exposure (Just The Songs)

For those of you who loved both volumes of Bloodstains Across Northern Ireland, here is a special treat. A few years ago I got in trade a three CD-R set called Northern Exposure that had live, demos and interviews with some of the bands from Northern Ireland of the late1970s. There were many great unreleased songs on it and for my own listening pleasure I transferred all the songs onto one CD-R so I could have a steady, dynamite listening hour. A few of these tracks are from the film Shellshock Rock, others are unreleased demos and some live recordings of various qualities. More info here:

Track List:
01. Rudi - Ripped In Two (live 1978)
02. Rudi - Fill Your Balls With Alcohol (live 1978)
03. Rudi - Who Are You_ (Something Else TV Show, UK, 1979)
04. Rudi - Big Time (live 1979)
05. Protex - Don't Ring Me Up (demo 1979)
06. Protex - Strange Obsession (live at Glenmachen Hotel 1-79)
07. Protex - Don't Ring Me Up (Hurrah's, NYC 1980)
08. Protex - Place In Your Heart (Hurrah's, NYC 1980)
09. Outcasts - Self Conscious Over You (Live 1980)
10. Outcasts - You're A Disease (Live 1980)
11. Outcasts - The Cops Are Coming (Live 1980)
12. Outcasts - Just Another Teenage Rebel (Live 1980)
13. Outcasts - Mania (Live in France 1982)
14. Victim - Trademark World (live at the Harp Bar, Belfast 11.23.78)
15. Ex Producers - New Wave '79 (live 1979)
16. Ruefrex - Perfect Crime (Demo 1979)
17. P45 - Teenage Love Song (live 1979)
18. Idiots - Teenager In Love (recorded at Wizard Studios 4-79)
19. Electro-Motive Force - BBC/UTV (demo 1980)
20. Electro-Motive Force - College Boy (demo 1980)
21. Parasites - Society (live 1978)
22. Rhesus Negative - Lies In Vain (live at the Harp Bar 11.23.78)
23. Pretty Boy Floyd - Rough, Tough, Pretty Too (live 1978)
24. Stage B - The Viper (Demo 1980)
25. Stage B - Numbers (Demo 1980)
26. Stage B - Lizzy Borden (Demo 1980)
27. Stage B - Self Portrait (Demo 1980)

Jimmy Norton's Explosion - John Peel Session 7-30-79

Today's post is another officially unreleased Peel session. This time from a sort of Punk Rock supergroup. The band featured Glen Matlock (Bass, Lead Vocals) fresh out of the Rich Kids and formerly of The Sex Pistols, Danny Kustow (Guitar, Backing Vocals) from Tom Robinson Band and Budgie (Drums) from Siouxsie & The Banshees and formerly of Spitfire Boys and Slits. Of these four songs Ambition and Just Like Lazarus were recorded by The Rich Kids in 1978 but remained unreleased until 1998 when they were released on the Burning Sounds CD, Ambition was also recorded by Iggy Pop when Glen played with him. This band changed their name in 1980 to Spectres and released two single, the first one featured a weaker version of Getting Away With Murder. The fourth song remains unreleased in any version.

Spectres info:
Spectres singles:
Rich Kids discog:

track List: [from cassette tape]
01. Getting Away With Murder
02. Just Like Lazarus
03. Ambition
04. Lost In A Landslide