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Friday, October 1, 2010

V.A. Northern Exposure (Just The Songs)

For those of you who loved both volumes of Bloodstains Across Northern Ireland, here is a special treat. A few years ago I got in trade a three CD-R set called Northern Exposure that had live, demos and interviews with some of the bands from Northern Ireland of the late1970s. There were many great unreleased songs on it and for my own listening pleasure I transferred all the songs onto one CD-R so I could have a steady, dynamite listening hour. A few of these tracks are from the film Shellshock Rock, others are unreleased demos and some live recordings of various qualities. More info here:

Track List:
01. Rudi - Ripped In Two (live 1978)
02. Rudi - Fill Your Balls With Alcohol (live 1978)
03. Rudi - Who Are You_ (Something Else TV Show, UK, 1979)
04. Rudi - Big Time (live 1979)
05. Protex - Don't Ring Me Up (demo 1979)
06. Protex - Strange Obsession (live at Glenmachen Hotel 1-79)
07. Protex - Don't Ring Me Up (Hurrah's, NYC 1980)
08. Protex - Place In Your Heart (Hurrah's, NYC 1980)
09. Outcasts - Self Conscious Over You (Live 1980)
10. Outcasts - You're A Disease (Live 1980)
11. Outcasts - The Cops Are Coming (Live 1980)
12. Outcasts - Just Another Teenage Rebel (Live 1980)
13. Outcasts - Mania (Live in France 1982)
14. Victim - Trademark World (live at the Harp Bar, Belfast 11.23.78)
15. Ex Producers - New Wave '79 (live 1979)
16. Ruefrex - Perfect Crime (Demo 1979)
17. P45 - Teenage Love Song (live 1979)
18. Idiots - Teenager In Love (recorded at Wizard Studios 4-79)
19. Electro-Motive Force - BBC/UTV (demo 1980)
20. Electro-Motive Force - College Boy (demo 1980)
21. Parasites - Society (live 1978)
22. Rhesus Negative - Lies In Vain (live at the Harp Bar 11.23.78)
23. Pretty Boy Floyd - Rough, Tough, Pretty Too (live 1978)
24. Stage B - The Viper (Demo 1980)
25. Stage B - Numbers (Demo 1980)
26. Stage B - Lizzy Borden (Demo 1980)
27. Stage B - Self Portrait (Demo 1980)


  1. Thanks for bringing the good stuff

  2. Thanks for your comments Topper. Much, much more to come. For your info coming soon: Ivy Green, Mollesters (Holland), Naked, Svart Framtid, Skrewz, Motors, Slaughter & The Dogs (with Ed Banger singing), Cortinas, Controllers (reunion show '07), Chatterbox (Sweden), Anthrax (UK Anarcho) plus a list of my collection so that people can make requests.

  3. ah.....that looks good

    What do you have from the Molesters ?


  4. Mollesters posted for your Punk rock enjoyment.

  5. Hi, I was a memember of the Parasites - and would love to get hold of the tape with our preformance fron Shellshock Rock on it. How I can get hold of it?

    Paul (Guitarist with the Parasites).

  6. Hi Paul, unfortunately I only have this one song which someone copied from the soundtrack of the film before I got it in a CD-R trade.

  7. I’ve started officially releasing old N. Ireland punk via my record label here

    Everything is 100% official and all tracks are taken from the master tapes (where possible) AND taken to a studio to obtain the results possible.

    @ Paul – I’ve also a youtube account (links can be found from my home page) and The Parasites footage is on there.

    If anyone has any info, pics etc on N. Irish punk, get in touch via my site………seanyrotten over and out!