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Monday, January 3, 2011

Adverts - Top Rank, Sheffield 8-19-79

This one is upped by request. I love the Adverts so certainly don't mind posting this for everyone that wants it. This show is especially interesting for two reasons. One is that they play most of the songs from the second album and the songs from the first album they play have the addition of keyboards. So, can you imagine what Gary Gilmore's Eyes sounds like with keyboards? It is a little different but I like it. The second reason is that there is no guitarist at all on this show. They play with just bass, drums, keyboards, vocals. I don't think you'll hear the Adverts sound like this anywhere else. Still sounds like a good show. It was recorded from the audience so sounds not perfect but surely worth a listen just to hear these songs in a slightly different way.

01. The Adverts
02. Back From The Dead
03. Male Assault
04. Fate Of Criminals
05. I Looked At The Sun
06. Television's Over
07. I Surrender
08. Bombsite Boy
09. New Church
10. Love Songs
11. Gary Gilmore's Eyes
12. No Time To Be 21
13. My Place
14. Cast Of Thousands
15. I Will Walk You Home
16. One Chord Wonders
17. The Adverts

Adverts - Live shows 1978

Here's three live Adverts shows from 1978. These shows are interesting because they are playing six new songs written after the first album, some of which would, in slightly different versions, end up on the second album. These were all recorded from the audience so the sound is raw. The Marquee has the best sound of the three despite some serious tape hiss.

@ The Star, Croydon 2-26-78
01. One Chord Wonders
02. Safety In Numbers
03. Bored Teenagers
04. Male Assault
05. Quickstep
06. Bombsite Boy
07. On The Roof
08. New Day Dawning
09. On Wheels
10. New Boys
11. New Church
12. Gary Gilmore's Eyes
13. Drowning Men
14. No Time To Be 21

@ Maidstone Art College, Kent 6-30-78
01. Fate Of Criminals
02. Gary Gilmore's Eyes
03. Drowning Men
04. Bombsite Boy
05. Television's Over
06. Male Assault
07. We Who Wait
08. New Boys
09. On Wheels
10. Safety In Numbers
11. Back From The Dead
12. Love Songs
13. Bored Teenagers
14. No Time To Be 21

@ Marquee, London 7-27-78 [from cassette tape]
01. Fate Of Criminals
02. Gary Gilmore's Eyes
03. Drowning Men
04. Bombsite Boy
05. Television's Over
06. Male Assault
07. New Church
08. We Who Wait
09. New Boys
10. On Wheels
11. I Surrender
12. Back From The Dead
13. Love Songs
14. Safety In Numbers
15. Bored Teenagers
16. No Time To Be 21
17. One Chord Wonders
18. The Great British Mistake