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Monday, September 27, 2010

V.A. Roxy Farewell bands 1977-1978

Here's a little collection of songs I put together for my own listening pleasure that I though many others would also enjoy. In 1978 an album titled Farewell To The Roxy was released that was recorded at the famous Roxy Club in London which is the place that basically spawned Punk Rock. This album basically featured the second generation of punk bands that were following in the footsteps of the previous ones. However, apart from one band, UK Subs, most of the bands on it never released more than a single or two. Shame, since every track on the album is very good. As it turns out most of the bands had at least made recordings and over the last few years these recordings have been showing up to the joy of those of us who want to hear more. Have a listen to rare tracks from Blitz, Red Lights, Jets, Open Sore and Crabs. The Red Lights, Jets and Open Sore tracks all are taken off of videos that showed up on YouTube. The Crabs songs are from a Peel Session they were lucky enough to record.

More info on the bands here:
Videos here:
Red Lights:
Open Sore:

Track List:
01. Blitz - Strange Boy
02. Blitz - London Is For Tourists
03. Red Lights - Nothing Else To Do
04. Red Lights - Keys
05. Jets - Silke
06. Jets - Come On Now/War Machine/Waiting For Emotion
07. Open Sore - Vertigo
08. Open Sore - Posta Ghosta
09. Crabs - Victim
10. Crabs - Under Pressure
11. Crabs - Lullabies Lies
12. Crabs - Don't Want Your Love

Blitz - Demo 1978
Red Lights - Demos 1977
Jets - Demos 1978
Open Sore - Windsor Theatre Royal, Windsor  10-01-09
Crabs - John Peel Session 4-28-78