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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Penetration - Manchester 12-17-77 + Locarno, Bristol 4-24-79

Here are two Penetration shows by request of  Dave Sez at Know Your Conjurer blog. Both shows are audience recordings so are raw but still nice to listen to. Visit his blog here:

Manchester England 12-17-77
01). Duty Free Technology
02). Money Talks
03). Race Against Time
04). V.I.P.
05). Lovers of Outrage
06). Don't Dictate
07). Life's a Gamble
08). Free Money
09). Silent Community
10). In the Future
11). Firing Squad

Locarno, Bristol 4-24-79
01). Nostalgia
02). Danger Signs
03). Movement
04). Come Into the Open
05). Too Many Friends
06). Future Daze
07). Life's a Gamble
08). Last Saving Grace
09). Never Never
10). Vision
11). She Is the Slave
12). Stone Heroes
13). Free Money
14). Lovers of Outrage

Teen Fuck Explosion - Supervixens

Here's another band from Berlin Germany that I don't know much about. I downloaded these two songs from their website about 8 years ago. I'm not sure if they ever released anything and don't think they were around for very long. These two songs were recorded in their rehearsal space. Anyone have any information and more music from this band? I love these two songs!

Track List:
01. Supervixens
02. Spitfire

Also, for anyone interested, I used to find new bands and music here:
This is where I found Teen Fuck Explosion and The Heroines and much more.

Heroines - Rock 'n' Roll Boy

Here's a punk band from Germany c. 2002. I don't know much about them but I downloaded these three songs from their website 8 years ago and I think all these songs are on a 7" ep. Apparently, they have a CD out that sounds a little softer than these three songs but I am looking for it if anyone has it and can upload it for me. It seems they split in 2004 and some members formed the girl pop manga punk band Popzillas.

Heroines clips here:
and here:
Listen to CD here:
Popzillas info here: 
Popzillas video here:

Track List:
01. Rock 'n' Roll Boy
02. I Was Right
03. What I Want

Chords - Rainbow, London 1980

The Chords were one of the top Mod-Revival bands of the early 1980s. They started in 1978 and finished in 1981 and in that time released one album and seven single with limited success. This show was recorded when they were at the top of their game. It's from the sounboard and the quality is great. More info here:

01. Somethings Missing
02. Happy Families
03. It's No Use
04. Now It's Gone
05. I'm Not Sure
06. The British Way Of Life
07. So Far Away
08. I'll Keep On Holding On
09. Tumbling Down
10. Maybe Tomorrow
11. Breaks My Heart