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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Penetration - Manchester 12-17-77 + Locarno, Bristol 4-24-79

Here are two Penetration shows by request of  Dave Sez at Know Your Conjurer blog. Both shows are audience recordings so are raw but still nice to listen to. Visit his blog here:

Manchester England 12-17-77
01). Duty Free Technology
02). Money Talks
03). Race Against Time
04). V.I.P.
05). Lovers of Outrage
06). Don't Dictate
07). Life's a Gamble
08). Free Money
09). Silent Community
10). In the Future
11). Firing Squad

Locarno, Bristol 4-24-79
01). Nostalgia
02). Danger Signs
03). Movement
04). Come Into the Open
05). Too Many Friends
06). Future Daze
07). Life's a Gamble
08). Last Saving Grace
09). Never Never
10). Vision
11). She Is the Slave
12). Stone Heroes
13). Free Money
14). Lovers of Outrage


  1. Thanks so much for your kindness, bat29! I'll get a mega-post together over at knowyourconjurer and index this post there. In the meanwhile, if there's anything you'd like beyond what's on your list, just leave me a comment over there! Cheers, Dave Sez

  2. Alright Dave, I look forward to your Penetration megapost

  3. Yes! Been webwhacking to try and find your wants, and just found one here :

    Eddie and the Hot Rods,
    BBC Paris Theatre, London, UK, 1977
    Posted by Fat Reg
    Oct 11

    Superb digital radio broadcast. the precise date is unknown, but it would appear to be before the release of second album "Life on the Line" as most of the songs here are from the band's debut "Teenage Depression."

    01 Teenage Depression
    02 Keep On Keeping On
    03 I Might be Lying
    04 Been So Long
    05 Horseplay
    06 Hard Driving Man
    07 On The Run
    08 Still Life

    Source: Digital radio broadcast
    Quality: Excellent
    Encoding: 192kbps mp3
    File size: 37Mb

    Thanks again bat29! Cheers, Dave Sez.

  4. Alright Dave, thanks so much for finding this Eddie & The Hotrods show. Seems like they did a lot of stuff for the BBC. It would be nice to see it all get officially released someday.

  5. Dave, thanks for all the links. I dl the Eddie & Hotrods Paris Theater 1977 show. That is a great show. Everything else you mention I already have. I am familiar with bigboxoftapes blog and have gotten a few shows from there in the past including two Revillos shows.

    I think everything on that Siouxsie boot is officially released now:

    Also, I think the Penetration Race against Time boot is officially released as self titled or early years and has the Peel Sessions as bonus tracks. I had the original album back in the day and also had this CD with peel bonus tracks.

    Anyways, thanks again.

  6. Hi bat29 and glad to hear you had already found Fat Reg (one never knows), and you're quite right on the Penetration boot. However, the 2CD release of the Scream did not include all of Metal Shadows, which included second versions (Scream session alternatives) of Carcass and Love in a Void plus an unreleased track from the Scream sessions, Love and Romance which included the lyric " ... I forgot the lyrics now ...", so you might want to go and get Metal Shadows after all. Cheers, Dave Sez.

    Siouxsie and the Banshees - Metal Shadows Tracks:
    1. Love In A Void (Peel Session 1, 29.11.77)
    2. Metal Postcard (Mittageisen)(Peel Session 1 or Pathway Session, can't remember)
    3. Suburban Relapse (Peel Session 1)
    4. Mirage (Peel Session 1 or Pathway Session)
    5. Carcass (Peel Session 2, 06.02.78)
    6. Overground (Peel Session 2)

    Side B
    1. Helter Skelter (Peel Session 2)
    2. Hong Kong Garden (Peel Session 2)
    3. Make Up to Break Up (Riverside Session)
    4. Love and Romance (?)*
    5. Carcass (II)*
    6. Love and a Void (II)*

    (* = unreleased)