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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Heroines - Rock 'n' Roll Boy

Here's a punk band from Germany c. 2002. I don't know much about them but I downloaded these three songs from their website 8 years ago and I think all these songs are on a 7" ep. Apparently, they have a CD out that sounds a little softer than these three songs but I am looking for it if anyone has it and can upload it for me. It seems they split in 2004 and some members formed the girl pop manga punk band Popzillas.

Heroines clips here:
and here:
Listen to CD here:
Popzillas info here: 
Popzillas video here:

Track List:
01. Rock 'n' Roll Boy
02. I Was Right
03. What I Want

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  1. The Heroines album is still available here:

    Their guitarist ('Galactica') used to sing in Teen Fuck Explosion. When the Heroines singer left to form the Popzillas, they soldiered on with a variety of singers for a while. I think they released another album with a different lead singer, and finally an EP with 'Galactica' on lead vocals.