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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gargoyles - Rare Tracks [live + demos 1989-1992]

The Gargoyles were a great band from San Francisco that were around from 1988 to 1994. They released two CDs and a bunch of records in that time. Several members were previously in the 60's style garage band The Koel Family. Musically, they are on the Dead Boys/Stooges side of things. Sound quality is very good on everything.

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Part 1:
01. The Hate Forecast (Live)
02. One Day Left To Live (Live)
03. Devil Devil (Live, Gilman, 92, KALX)
04. Thru The Rhythm (Live, Gilman, 92, KALX)
05. Lou (Live, Gilman, 92, KALX)
06. Out Into The World (Live, Gilman, 92, KALX)
07. High Tension Wire (Live)
08. Kill City (Live)
09. Can't Seem To Make You Mine (Sky Saxon)
10. I Don't Understand It (Sky Sunlight Saxon)
11. London Dungeon (Live)

Part 2:
01. Runnin' Down (Demo 89)
02. Something's Not Right (Demo 89)
03. World Revolves Around You (Demo 89)
04. Thru The Rhythm (Demo)
05. The Goat (Demo)
06. Florence (Demo)
07. Lou (Demo)
08. Barbie's Dead (Demo)
09. Five Million Years To Earth (Demo)
10. Just Like You (Demo)
11. Electric Child (Demo)
12. Mass Murder (Demo)
13. Human Waste (Demo)
14. Saturday Nite, TV & Beer (Big Night Out - Demo)
15. Stalingrad (Demo)
16. Soundtrack (Demo)
17. Five Million Years To Earth (Demo)
18. Just Like You (Demo)
19. Electric Child (Demo)

Part 3:
01. Making Enemies
02. 180 Degrees
03. Decline
04. St. Katherine's Ghost
05. In My World
06. I Don't Smoke
07. World Revolves Around You
08. 5 Million Years To Earth
09. It's Not Unusual
10. On Day Left To Live
11. Soundtrack

Nagg - WFMU, East Orange NJ 11-13-04

Nagg were from San Francisco and features two member from the band The Flakes. In 2004 they released one album. This radio broadcast was recorded when they were on tour of the East Coast. If you like Slade, Suzi Quattro and the usual Punk stuff you should like this. Sound quality is very good.

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01. Gimme Somethin'
02. Beauty Of The Bitch
03. Endless Sleep
04. I'll Tell You
05. She's In Love With You
06. So What If I Am
07. Another Day
08. My My My
09. -interview-

Dark Carnival - Phonician Club, Sydney 11-18-91

Dark Carnival featured Ron Asheton from the Stooges and Destroy All Monsters on guitar and Niagara from Destroy All Monsters on vocals. This show was recorded on their Australian tour and sees them playing a mix of Destroy All Monsters and Stooges songs with a few new ones in the mix. This show was recorded from the audience and the sound is good.

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. You're Gonna Die
02. Sugar Daddy
03. Good Morning Headache
04. 1969
05. Party Girl
06. Anyone Can Fuck Her
07. I'm Bored
08. Down On The Street
09. My Imagination [Gladys Knight & the Pips]
10. The Right Stuff [Hawkwind]
11. Don't Dick Around
12. I'm Not Having Your Baby
13. November 22 1963
14. 1970
15. I Wanna Be Your Dog
16. These Boots are Made For Walking [Nancy Sinatra]
17. TV Eye