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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Adrenalin OD - Love Hall, Philadelphia 7-01-83

Here's another live show from Philadelphia. This was the first time I saw Adrenalin O.D. and they were great. This is recorded from the soundboard so the quality is pretty good. Can anyone help with the missing song titles?

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. Suburbia
02. title unknown
03. Brady Bunch
04. title unknown
05. Going To A Funeral
06. Old People Talk LOUD
07. title unknown
08. Mischief Night
09. Small Talk
10. Trans Am
11. title unknown
12. Corporate Disneyland
13. Status Symbol
14. title unknown
15. World War IV

Toxic Reasons - Love Hall, Philadelphia 3-27-83

Here's a Toxic Reasons show by request. Bruce Stuckey does the singing and they play many songs from their forthcoming album Killed By Remote Control. This show was the first time I saw Toxic Reasons and they were great! The show was recorded from the soundboard so the sound quality is very good. Since every show at Love Hall was filmed there is probably a video of this show out there somewhere.

setlist [from cassette tape]
01. Destroyer
02. Somebody Help Me
03. Mercenary
04. Limited Nuclear War
05. Killer
06. Looking At The World
07. White Noise
08. Jrs. Friends
09. Drunk And Disorderly
10. Riot Squad
11. Rally 'Round The Flag, Boys
12. Powercrazed
13. How Do You Feel
14. No Pity

Nuns - Live shows 1976-1978 part 3

The first show is from when they opened for the Sex Pistols. It's a soundboard recording and the quality is excellent. The seconds show is from their time hanging out in New York City. I'm not sure of the exact date but it is either the 9th or 10th according to the Max's ad from Village Voice. It was recorded from the audience so is raw but good.

@ Winterland, San Francisco 1-14-78
01. Lazy
02. Decadent Jew
03. World War III
04. Savage
05. Smoking Heroin
06. Search and Destroy
07. You Think You're The Best
08. Child Molester
09. Talk Talk
10. Getting Straight
11. Mental Masturbation
12. You Like To Bleed
13. Big Fat Chick
14. Suicide Child
15. Mental Masturbation

@ Max's Kansas City, NYC 8-78 [from cassette tape]
01. Lazy
02. Human Being [New York Dolls]
03. Decadent Jew
04. Media Control
05. Wild
06. Twenty-First Century
07. Smokin' Heroin
08. Savage
09. Child Molester
10. Confused
11. Suicide Child
12. Mental Masturbation

Nuns - Live shows 1976-1978 part 2

Here's two Nuns shows from 1977. The Winterland show is soundboard recordings and sound great. The Mabuhay show was recorded from the audience and is a bit rough but listenable. It's also from a bootleg record. Three songs from this show were officially released on the Nuns first and third singles. Between these shows there is enough unreleased songs for a second album.

@ Winterland, San Francisco 7-30-77
01. Lazy
02. Decadent Jew
03. World War III
04. Savage
05. Media Control
06. Hey Little Rich Thing
07. Cock In My Pocket [Stooges]
08. Twenty-First Century
09. You Think You're The Best
10. Confused
11. Mental Masturbation
12. Suicide Child

@ Mabuhay Gardens, SF 1977
01). Media Control
02). Big Fat Chick
03). Savage
04). title unknown
05). 14 Year Old Lover
06). Gimme Danger [Stooges]
07). Suicide Child (1st single)
08). Smokin' Heroin
09). Cock In My Pocket [Stooges] (3rd single)
10). Human Being [New York Dolls]
11). Confused
12). Gettin' Straight
13). Decadent Jew (1st single)
14). No Solution
15). Death And Destruction
16). Child Molester
17). Mental Masturbation

Nuns - Live shows 1976-1978 part 1

Someone a while ago requested some Nuns live shows so here is one from 1976 Los Angeles. I've had this on tape for a long time and the person I got it from squeezed it on the end of the tape. Unfortunately, the whole show did not fit and I've never been able to track down the complete show. It's an audience recording but the quality is listenable and there is three unreleased songs on it.

@Whiskey, Hollywood 1976 [from cassette tape]
01. Decadent Jew
02. WW III
03. Savage
04. Media Control
05. Twenty-First Century
06. Child Molester
07. You Think You're the Best
08. Confused
09. Mental Masturbation
10. Suicide Child
11. Smokin' Heroin (cuts)

Fatal Existence - Demo's 1983-1984 cd-r

I've been planning to upload the demos from my band Fatal Existence at some point but  someone on another blog has done it. So, if you are interested go here: