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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Zack Zack - Demo (2010)

Because I'm old and have been listening to Punk Rock for a long time, finding new bands that are interesting and exciting past a few listens is not easy but there are a few. One of those bands is Zack Zack from Berlin Germany. I'd never heard of them before I saw them last summer at Berlin's famous S.O. 36 club. I thought they were very good that night and recently I got this demo that they recorded and have been listening to it constantly since it arrived. They are definitely 70s Punk and Mod Revival inspired.

info here:
video here:

track list:
01. Arkadengirl
02. Penetration
03. Bla Bla
04. (What The) Economy (Is For)
05. Nervenzusammenbruch


  1. Thank you! Listened to the tape yesterday and now I'm in love. Thanks for posting up the mp3s! Now I don't need to rip my tape.

  2. I love this demo too. I've only had it a couple weeks and I've already listened to it a thousand times. So good!!!

  3. thanks a lot, now i got everything by them (2 demo taps, LP).
    great band! :)
    some of the members also played at "The Shocks". Also a great band. :)

  4. dune2k, I didn't know they had an LP or any other recordings available. Did you find them online? It seems impossible to find their stuff in USA.