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Monday, November 15, 2010

Eastern Dark - The Venetian Room, Melbourne 8-17-85

The Eastern Dark were from Australia and existed for about two years between 1984 and 1986. In that time they released one 7". The band ended when one member was killed in a car crash on the way to a gig. Weeks before the crash they recorded a 12" ep which was released a few months later. In 1990 a double LP was released that contained demos and live recordings titled Girls On The Beach (With Cars). A few songs from this live recording are on that album. It is an audience recording and the quality is pretty good. From cassette tape.

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01. What'd You Do [Ramones]
02. No Picture
03. Gotta Tell Me Why [Slickee Boys]
04. Walking
05. It's You [Milkshakes]
06. Stay Same Somehow
07. I Wanna Destroy You [Soft Boys]
08. Over Now
09. Johnny & Dee Dee
10. Mr. Clean
11. Down To You [Real Kids]
12. Never Again
13. Green Slime [Fuzztones]
14. I Don't Take LSD
15. And Then The Rain [True West]
16. Confrontation Time
17. Whore
18. Reachin' My Head
19. I Don't Need The Reasons
20. Julie Is A Junkie
21. Bad Times [D-Coys]
22. The President Is Dead


  1. Many thanks,I really like the Eastern Dark and I do not think I have heard this show before