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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Suicide Commandos - CBGBs, NYC 3-03-78

The Suicide Commandos were from Minneapolis Minnesota were one of the earliest Punk bands in the USA releasing their first record in August 1976. Over their two year existence they release two single and one album plus has three final songs on a compilation before having a live album of their final show released. From Feb 18 to Apr 1 1978 they were the opening band on the Coed Jail Tour with Pere Ubu. One show at CBGBs from that tour was recorded by some very nice person. They played two sets that night but I do not have the complete second set. This first set includes songs from their records, a few new songs and a cover of a song by the band Love. It's an audience recording but is good quality.

01. Shock Appeal (Set 1)
02. Attacking The Beat
03. Judy
04. Premature
05. Take A Dive
06. It Doesn't Matter
07. title unknown
08. My Little Red Book [Love]
09. Call Of The Wild
10. I Think Of You
11. Semi-Smart
12. I Don't Get It
13. You Can't
14. I Need A Torch


  1. OMG! Thanks for posting this live show by the Suicide Commandos! Do you have any more shows from them? If so, I would hope to hear them! If not, could you please try to get your hands on any of their other shows? Thanks!

    By the way, i think the name to track 7 is "I'm Gonna Put It On You".

  2. They also did a show with a band called "Me", in 12-18-77 I heard and 4 sets at The Zoo in 4-75.

  3. This is the only live show by Suicide Commandos I've ever seen in circulation. I have part of their second set but could never find the whole thing.

  4. Okay, I could see where you are going with that. Can you please upload the part of the second set you have before you find the whole thing? I would love to hear at least a bit of what they sounded like before 1975-1976's "Emission Control" single.

  5. I could post the second set, though, I hate posting stuff that is incomplete. I've got 10 of the songs and there are either 12 or 13 in that whole set. I doubt I'll find the whole thing. It took me over 20 years of searching just to find what I found. No one seems to have it except one guy on Soulseek who disappeared before I could get the full second set.

  6. Okay thanks for the deal. I'm sorry that you can't find the whole thing. :(

  7. This is great--thanks for this CBGB performance of Suicide Commandos. And thanks for your 20 years of searching & for Noise Addiction.