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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Modern Eon - John Peel Session 2-05-81

Here's my favorite Post-Punk band playing a peel session. Modern Eon were from Liverpool and released a few singles and one album before packing it in. More info here:

Track List:
01. Real Hymn
02. Grass Still Grows
03. High Noon
04. Mechanic


  1. Thanks for the info about the live recording of guilty razors...ive got that record. One of the best punkbands from France in my opinion.
    The number on that record is the best, so i thought maybe you have other live recordings too

    But problem

  2. Oh yeah if youre interested in Protex "Strange obsessions" send me youre email.

    You can send it at

  3. I would like to have live recordings of more French bands including Guilty Razors but everyone likes US and UK Punk the most so recordings of bands from those places are easy to come by. It would be up to some wonderful French citizen to get out there and dig through old Punks closets in order to find the stuff that is out there. Until then no one gets to hear nothing.

  4. Yeah but there were not many good punk bands in France (excuse moi monsieur und madame)

    My French is veryvery bad by the way


  5. There were plenty of great Punk bands in France. None are as known as the American or UK bands, though. There's a great volume of Killed By Death that is only French bands, number 100 I think. Have a listen to that if you've never heard it. That's one of my favorites in the whole KBD series.

  6. ..........i will look for that one and see if it change my opinion.


    Here's a discography of French Punk for you to consider. Much good stuff there.