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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Neon Hearts - Look Here TV Show 1979

Neon Hearts were Wolverhampton England's first punk band.  Previously the sax player was a member of the Suburban Studs and the bass player was a future member of Killing Joke.In their time they released two singles and an album plus recorded a Peel Session. Here's two live songs from a television show in 1979 that I pulled the sound off of. I believe the song Synchronization is unreleased.
More info here:

Videos here:

01. Popular Music
02. Synchronization


  1. my opinion were venus.............and regulations their best numbers.

    It would be nice to hear the Peel session

    Youth is playing on the new Killing Joke album.

    Absolute Dissent........for me Revelations was their best album.

    Anyway thanx again my friend

  2. The Peel Session is released on the Ball 'n' Chain CD that came out on Overground in 1997.

  3. Thanks for the info........(got that one by the way !!!!!)

  4. I have a couple Killing Joke shows maybe I'll post sometime.